Eddie Murphy Says “Martin Lawrence Is Paying For The Wedding If Their Kids Tie The Knot”; Martin Reacts!

Famous American comedian Martin Lawrence joked in 2022, during one of his appearances on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, that if ever his and Eddie Murphy‘s kids are to be married, the expenses of the wedding will be borne by Murphy. Martin was talking about his daughter Jasmine Lawrence and Eddie’s son Eric’s wedding.

In a reply to the joke by Martin, Eddie Murphy has said that he wants Martin to pay for all the wedding expenses.

Eddie Murphy Says Martin Lawrence Is Paying For The Wedding If Their Kids Tie The Knot

As per Murphy, “That’s not how it goes. My daughter just got married, and I had to pay — really had to pay.” Continuing, he said that now, Murphy has to do the same and that it’s his turn to pay for the wedding.

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Upon hearing their interaction and discussion regarding who’s going to pay for the wedding of their kids, fans tweeted their funny reactions on twitter. One of them said: “Martin Lawrence’s daughter & Eddie Murphys son are dating & they’re going back & forth about who’s gonna pay for the wedding ”

It was speculated in the year 2021 that martin’s and Eddie’s daughter and son respectively are dating. The couple made their relation Instagram official in June 2021. During Eric’s sister’s wedding in 2020, Jasmin caught the bouquet.

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People reported Jasmin and Eric made their love known on social media in June 2021. Blavity noted the couple attended Eric’s sister, Bria’s, wedding to Michael Xavier last summer, where Jasmin caught the bouquet.

Although the couple’s fathers have joked about their kids’ wedding, there is no official confirmation regarding this.