eFootball 2022: Konami Apologizes to Fans and Releases Promise

Konami, responsible for the development of the football game eFootball (formerly PES), was determined to make history this year with the launch of eFootball 2022 totally free on all platforms. However, despite the many licenses and purported super-realistic reconstructions of the world’s biggest football stars, the release of eFootball 2021 was a real disaster and quickly became the “joke of the internet”.

After hundreds of memes and complaints from players, the official Twitter account shared an official statement where they acknowledge the game’s many problems. According to the statement, Konami will do its best to please as many gamers as possible with an update that will be released later this month.

However, the studio makes reference to improving the quality of game and fixing some bugs, but the truth is that eFootball 2021 should never have been released.

eFootball 2021 was released in a sorry state, which makes Cyberpunk 2077 look perfect

The state of the game at launch is simply unbelievable. Among hundreds of memes, we see problems with game mechanics and player behavior, players who disappear, referees who appear flat on the pitch, and much more. We also have the ridiculous level of representation of the players, which can hardly be considered realistic.

As a hilarious example, we can consider that the representation of Cristiano Ronaldo is closer to his “mythical” statue, and not with one of the best players in the world.

Ronaldo eFootball 2022 konami

Ronaldo is just a small example, replicated in practically all players that were supposedly recreated through 3D captures. These flaws are even more difficult to justify considering that in eFootball 2021, the same players were already in an extremely realistic state.

Below you’ll find a selection of some of the most hilarious (or sad) moments in eFootball 1200 from Konami:

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