6 Best Alternatives of Einthusan in 2023!

Movies can be watched online via Einthusan, a feature-rich video streaming platform. This website is well-known in third-world nations like India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan because it offers a vast selection of Indian regional films, including well-known South Asian movies.

Additionally, fans of Indian regional cinema from all over the world who enjoy watching Tamil and Telugu films frequently visit our website.

This website makes it simple to find movies in Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, and Chinese. The collection of Hindi movies from Einthusan also includes several classic Bollywood films.

HD quality full-length feature films on Einthusan are accessible. Einthusan also offers high-bitrate audio albums, videos, and music files for streaming and download.

Like other popular online movie portals, Einthusan’s content is expertly categorized and divided into distinct areas.

Searching and sorting through videos is a breeze with Einthusan’s user-friendly interface.

Sadly, Einthusan has faced multiple accusations of disseminating content that is protected by copyright. It is therefore blocked in many nations and areas, including India.

While using a VPN to unblock Einthusan is still an option. It is advised to use the legitimate Einthusan substitute websites listed below in order to stay out of trouble with the law.

Best Alternatives of Einthusan

1. Hotstar


In South Asian nations like India, Hotstar (now known as Disney+hotstar in India) has experienced tremendous growth in popularity since its launch in 2015. 100,000 hours of TV series and films in multiple regional languages are available on Hotstar. Furthermore, Hotstar functions as a streaming service for live sporting events.

If the Einthusan Telugu movie catalog impressed you, you should definitely check out what Hotstar has to offer.

Hotstar has its own native programs for iOS and Android, in contrast to Einthusan. Most movies and TV series on Hotstar are available for free to view, and the platform updates its content frequently.

Having said that, a Hotstar Premium subscription allows you to access additional content.

With its new partnership with Disney+, Hotstar Premium now streams a ton of the newest Hollywood films, American TV series, and original content.

2. YouTube


You read it correctly, yes. One of the greatest free and acceptable substitutes for Einthusan is YouTube.

On the biggest online video-sharing platform in the world, Telugu movies are easily accessible and can be seen in 4K quality alongside Hindi blockbusters.

The official YouTube channels of various film production firms typically upload full-length movies, as they have copyrights to the films.

Furthermore, a variety of YouTube channels that focus on movies obtain authorized content and post it on their channel. As a result, you can view Malayalam films on the internet for nothing at all.

The drawback is that not all movies you want to watch on YouTube are free to watch. Having said that, you can immediately buy or rent a movie on YouTube if you have a little extra cash.

3. Amazon Prime Video


In addition to Bollywood films, the next Einthusan substitute has an extensive selection of South American films. You will feel right at home watching Hindi movies on Prime Video, which has a good selection of Einthusan Hindi films.

Smart TVs, PCs, streaming sticks, and smartphones may all be utilized with Amazon Prime Video. Compared to the Einthusan movie library, Amazon Prime Video’s content library is far larger.

Users of Amazon Prime Video can download material to watch offline. Telugu movies and TV series are expertly divided into many categories on this video streaming service, much to Einthusan Tamil. There is also a section just for children.

On Prime Video, a vast selection of regional content in regional languages is readily available.

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4. Voot


Another pay video-on-demand service in India with over 40,000 hours of programming is called Voot. Voot offers TV series streaming from networks including MTV, Nickelodeon, and Colors.

In addition, Voot offers a big selection of Hindi films in addition to some unique material. Voot boasts a very simple and intuitive user interface. In addition to Bollywood productions, VOOT provides a respectable selection of regional films.

5. SonyLIV


SonyLIV is a movie and live TV streaming website that is owned and maintained by Sony, as its name implies.

It offers a vast selection of South Indian and Hindi films available for streaming online. SonyLIV offers an extensive movie library that is expertly arranged into genres, including drama, action, comedy, romance, horror, and much more.

In addition, SonyLIV offers a wide variety of live TV channels where viewers may watch TV shows and news. Additionally, SonyLIV offers a vast library of sports-related material, including WWE.

SonyLIV’s vast collection of Hindi, Telugu, and Malayalam films sets it apart from Einthusan’s movie collection.

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6. Netflix


Like Amazon Prime videos, Netflix is a good alternative for watching movies on Einthusan. Occasionally, they provide a 30-day trial, particularly in developing areas.

Like Einthusan’s movie library, Netflix has an enormous selection of films and TV series. Nonetheless, Netflix distinguishes itself from competitors with its own TV shows, documentaries, and motion pictures. Netflix is available on PCs, smart TVs, streaming sticks, and smartphones. The service boasts extremely quick streaming speeds.