Ekin Su Before and After Transformation- Check the Latest Updates!

British-Turkish actress, model, and TV host Ekin-Su Cülcülolu was born on August 21, 1994. Winning the eighth season of ITV2’s Love Island came after she starred as Isil in the Turkish soap opera Kuzey Yldz lk Aşk in 2020.

Now that she’s won, she and fellow winner Davide Sanclimenti will be featured in a trip series on ITV2.

Ekin-Su’s Surgery Transformation

The star’s plastic surgeon shared a “before” and “after” photo of Ekin-Su on his website, along with information about the surgeries the actress underwent.

What Surgery Has Ekin-Su Had?

27-year-old Ekin had Su’s facial fillers in the tear troughs, cheeks, and jaw. Before moving into the villa, Ekin-Su visited her physician, Dr. Rosh, as stated. “We went with a more understated approach, hoping to maintain an air of naturalism.

To begin, we injected filler into her tear troughs to smooth out the depressions and give her that “eight-hour beauty sleep” look.

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Then, I used a lighter touch to inject filler into her lateral cheeks to reduce the prominence of her center cheeks, and into her jawline to add definition and lift.”

ekin su before and after

Ekin-Su has also revealed on her Instagram stories that she had undergone breast implants. She described every step of her ordeal, including the postoperative discomfort that she rated as a 10.

The contestant’s perfect smile is the result of 21 veneers. As with Ekin-breast Su’s implants, many believe that she has had lip fillers as well, although she hasn’t said who did it. Dr. Rosh, her surgeon, was repeatedly asked if he had attended to her lips, but he gave no indication that he had.

In Amor with Ekin-Su’s Openness

No matter what kind of experience she may or may not have, I think we can all agree that Ekin-Su looks amazing. It’s very obvious that’s the consensus among the male residents of Love Island’s Casa Amor.

But what I admire best about her change is that she accepts it as part of who she is now. She’s done with the procedure and ready to discuss it. She loves how it makes her feel and how it enhances her beauty.

There’s really no need to elaborate.

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Then and Now: Ekin-Su Before and Afters

“We can determine from Ekin-recent Su’s injector’s Instagram image that she’s had some cheek, jawline, and tear through filler,” Cheryl says. I love how beautiful, refined, and authentic she looks now.

Honestly, I just think she looks like a more rested version of herself.
When considering dermal filler, this is the look I would choose every time. Her features are clearer, and her eyes seem more vibrant.

I think she may have had lip filler because she has beautiful, big lips that look quite natural. But maybe she just has good genes.


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Dr. Jess has said, “I think Ekin-Su has had Botox to the upper-face area, lip filler, and non-surgical rhinoplasty based on images and videos of her in her younger days.”

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