Elisa Lam: The Full Story of Her Mysterious Death, Complete Info!

In 2013, a young woman named Elisa Lam went missing from the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. Her body was found weeks later in a water tank on the roof of the hotel. The death was ruled an accident but many questions remain unanswered about her mysterious disappearance and death. What happened to Elisa? Was she murdered or did she commit suicide? Why did her family not come to identify her body? Who is this girl that has been haunting our nightmares for years now? These are all questions we hope will be answered with this documentary film by director Richard Dewey.

It was business as usual at Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, California, until the 19th of February 2013, when a maintenance worker discovered a corpse floating in a water tank of the facility.

The corpse was subsequently identified as Elisa Lam, a 21-year-old University of British Columbia student from Vancouver, Canada.

On the day of her disappearance, police officials released a final video of her as she walked down a street in Mexico City. Her absence has generated a lot of interest among fellow citizens because it was the first week of February and she had not been seen for weeks.

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Know What Happened to Elisa Lam

A hotel elevator security camera captured her going out and then returning inside the elevator. Her video took off on the Internet in a matter of hours, and there were a lot of comments on social media.

The hotel has long been in the news for a number of fatalities and murders, which has generated several unanswered questions about Lam’s death. Stine was found naked in the lake with her clothes on the bank. Her clothing was floating in the water near her lifeless body, which had no garments on it.

It took almost 120 days for the coroner’s office in Los Angeles to release her autopsy report, which stated that there was no indication of physical harm and that it was a misadventure.

When a CBS LA reporter referred to the grisly and perplexing death of Elisa Lam, he remarked, ‘This is one of those stories that kinda sticks with me because we know the who, what, when, and where. But the why is always the question.

The Cecil Hotel has been the site of several lawsuits since this incident occurred. In a separate action, Lam’s parents filed a claim that was dismissed in 2015.

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Background of Elisa Lam

Lam, whose parents were David and Yinna Lam, both of whom were from Hong Kong, emigrated to the United States. She was a student at the University of British Columbia, where she wrote for their newspaper.

On her trip to California, Lam visited San Diego Zoo alone on intercity buses. On January 26, she arrived in Los Angeles via social media, and then on February 5, she was arrested while attempting to get a work permit through the K-1 visa program. She checked in to the Cecil Hotel on January 28th. She was sharing a bedroom with her housemates. However, as her roommates complained that her conduct was strange, she was relocated to a room of her own, according to the hotel’s lawyer.

The Cecil was bought to build a resort hotel in the 1920s, but it went through a lot of difficulties during the Great Depression of the 1930s, which gripped the United States as a whole. Hotel activities were linked to several murders that occurred in Los Angeles. The Legend Hotel, formerly called Cecil House, was rebuilt and rebranded as a boutique hotel.

The Story of Elisa Lam and Her Mental Illness

Elisa Lam

Lam was suffering from bipolar disorder and depression, and he was receiving treatment. Her relatives asserted that she had never attempted suicide before, but it was revealed that her parents had not informed her about her mental illness history.

Lam began blogging in mid-2010 when she first started sharing her photos and experiences with mental illness. She stated that she had a relapse at the start of the current school year, forcing her to drop several courses and leaving her directionless. She informed me that she would be terminating her blog and moving to another microblogging platform, Tumblr.

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Elisa Lam’s Disappearance

When Lam was traveling, she kept in touch with her parents in British Columbia almost every day. She had a reservation at Cecil from January 1, 2013, until February 1, but she was going to Santa Cruz. Her parents did not receive a call from her on that day, so they notified the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) about her absence.

The hotel clerk confirmed to cops that she was alone in her room and that only one person, Katie Orphan, had seen Lam that day outside the hotel. When she visited a local store on Sunday, she reported that the cashier was outgoing, sociable, and friendly.

The Los Angeles Police Department has conducted a complete search of the hotel, including her room, for any indication of how she died. Almost a week after authorities began investigating her, they released a 150-minute video of her hotel footage.

Many conspiracy theories were generated based on her actions in the movie, which fueled speculation about her motives. When her medical history was disclosed, a new paradigm regarding psychotic episodes emerged, and some people thought the video had been tampered with because almost 60 seconds of footage had been erased.

The Discovery of Elisa Lam’s Body

Guests at the hotel noted poor water pressure and brown color to the water, as well as an odd flavor. On top of the hotel’s roof, Antonio Lopez, a hotel maintenance employee, spotted Lam’s body floating in the water tank. The carcass of the Lam was extremely heavy, and the entire tank had to be emptied and opened up as it was difficult to remove his body.

After a few days, the Los Angeles coroner’s office published an analysis revealing that accidental drowning and bipolar disease were probable causes of her demise. There was no indication of any sexual assault or bodily harm. Her purse, keys, and watch were also discovered near her body. Toxicology tests revealed traces of prescription medicinal drugs as well as a minor amount of alcohol content.

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Elisa Lam’s Other Issues

  • What happened to the plant?
  • The elevators and steps on the top floor of the hotel were locked, so how did she get there, given that only staff has access to passcodes and keys?
  • Through the hotel s fire mechanism, she had a chance of circumventing security. The fact that the hotel’s roof could be accessed via a fire escape was observed in a video circulated on social media after Lam’s death.
  • There were concerns about how she might have gotten into the water tank on her own.
  • The water tank was protected by thick lids that were difficult to remove from within.
  • The water tank lid was found to be open at the time of the discovery.
  • The police were able to establish no evidence of her presence in the hotel. Even though they utilized search dogs on the premises and even on the roof, they found nothing.

Even the autopsy report was based on insufficient data. For example, there were no reports on the outcomes of the rape kit and fingernail kit. According to some people, there was a record of pooling blood in her posterior region, which might be an indication of sexual abuse. In this episode, her phone was nowhere to be found, and it wasn’t discovered near the body or in the hotel room. It was presumed that it had been stolen.

The Cecil hotel is being sued by David and Yinna Lam a few days later. ‘The hotel has a duty to inspect and seek out hazards that pose an unreasonable risk of harm,’ according to Lam’s attorney.

The hotel’s defense isn’t completely far-fetched, as the court record indicated. The hotel maintenance crew has recounted the whole episode of how he discovered the body in the water tank, as well as his attempts to discover her out.

The Lawsuit Elisa Lam’s Death was Deemed Ineffective

Elisa Lam

According to the hotel staff, Mr. Lopez climbed to the roof by way of the staircase before reaching the top by lift, then deactivated the rooftop alarm and went to inspect the four water tanks on the roof. He climbed the ladder to get to the main tank, where he noticed something odd.

‘I went down to the main water tank and saw that the hatch was open, so I looked inside and discovered an Asian woman floating face-up in the water about twelve inches from the top of the tank,’ Lopez added.

Lopez’s description of the event suggests that Elisa had a tremendous struggle climbing into the top of the water tank alone without being seen by anybody.

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Pedro Tovar, the hotel’s chief engineer, informed us that reaching the roof, where the hotel’s water tanks were located, would immediately set off the alarm bell. The only way to cancel the alarm is for hotel staff to come and supervise. In a worst-case scenario, if the alarm goes off in a typical situation, the sound will likely first reach the front desk and then work its way down to the top two floors of the hotel.

In 2015, the lawsuit was dismissed when Superior Court Judge Linda Leavitt ruled that Lam’s death was “unforeseeable.”

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