Elon Musk’s Older Sister, Tosca, Retorts, “He Is a Phenomenon!”

He is a “phenomenon,” says Tosca Musk, the younger sister of Elon Musk.

“I’m just really happy for him,” she remarked, referring to her brother.

Concerned that her children would hear disparaging remarks about their uncle, Elon Musk’s older brother Tosca Musk pushed back in a new interview.

This weekend, in an interview with The Sunday Times, Tosca Musk, 47, revealed that her son Elon’s status as the richest man in the world attracts both positive and bad attention. “Elon and I overcome our traumatic childhood,” she added.

“My older brother has earned my respect and admiration. He’s a big deal, “she added of her 51-year-old brother.

During the “In America: An Anthology of Fashion” 2022 Met Gala held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 2, 2022, Elon Musk was spotted in New York City.


As she put it, “his intentions to improve humanity are beyond anything that anyone can comprehend.” “Therefore, there is no contamination at all,” he explained.

Negative jokes and comments could skew her children’s opinion of their uncle, she said.

According to Musk, who is a filmmaker and director, “my kids don’t understand why somebody would say [bad] things about [her brother]” when they watch YouTube and see jokes about him.

She praised her brother’s achievement in an interview, but she found it “annoying” that others assumed she had the same amount of money.

“I don’t have the fortune to spend. There is a difference between Elon and me “she remarked in an interview with The Sunday Times. “It’s not like he’s handing me cash either, of course. I don’t think we’re the same person.”

“I try to live within my means. I’m a big fan of a good coupon, too “she said.

Musk is the mother of identical 9-year-old twins, Isabeau and Grayson, born via in vitro fertilization (IVF) with the help of a sperm donor.

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