Elvira Claims She Sold the L.A. Mansion Although Brad Pitt Is Incredibly “Haunted,” “He Loved It,”

Brad Pitt was forewarned by Cassandra Peterson, also known as “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark,” that L.A. She claims he was “extremely enthusiastic” about the “haunted” house she sold him in 1994, not scared.

Peterson spoke exclusively to Media about Pitt’s first obsession with the home, which he purchased from her for an estimated $1.7 million and recently sold for around $40 million.

Peterson, 71, explains her meetings with Pitt to Media by saying, “We were just kind of warning him that a lot of unusual things had been going on there at the house since we moved there. And he was quite happy about that because he felt it was awesome.

Peterson describes his paranormal encounters: “I’ve seen people strolling about upstairs, for example, actual individuals simply walking. One time [a ghost was] sitting downstairs in front of the fireplace. Once walking into my bedroom and back out.” We also “saw a person drifting around at the bottom of the pool, stuff like that,” in another incident.

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Elvira Says L.A. Mansion She Sold Brad Pitt Is Extremely 'Haunted' but 'He Loved It' [Exclusive]

The author of Yours Cruelly, Elvira laughs and says, “I know that sounds crazy. I’m Elvira. I know you expect that from me, right?” but she insisted, “I don’t have hallucinations, I wasn’t high, and I can’t explain those things.
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Peterson claimed that as soon as she and her ex-husband, musician Mark Pierson, moved into the 29-room home, the paranormal activities began. She came out to her fans in 2021 and has now been in a relationship with Teresa “T” Wierson for 21 years. The ex-couple “had a priest come in to conduct an exorcism. I had all sorts of things because it was really getting to the point of like, ‘I don’t know if I can continue to live here,'” she recalls.

I love that he liked the house so much. “So we were telling Brad everything about it and he loved it. I mean, there aren’t many people for whom that would be a selling point, but he was like, ‘Oh, that’s so amazing.'”

The horror legend continues, “We got together like three times I suppose before he bought the house,” saying that Pitt acquired the house from her while she was nine months pregnant with her daughter Sadie Pierson, who is now 28 years old. I once met Brad’s parents, who were really beautiful folks. He was always polite and sweet. Brad was simply great.

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Elvira Says L.A. Mansion She Sold Brad Pitt Is Extremely 'Haunted' but 'He Loved It' [Exclusive]

Peterson claims Pitt “was exactly the right guy to purchase it” despite his enthusiasm about probable supernatural squatters because “he’s so fascinated in architecture and this home is really an incredible place.”

She claims that Pitt in especially cherished the living and dining rooms, which had solid mahogany wall panels and copper ceilings. She recalls, “He simply couldn’t get over it, and we couldn’t either.
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” That was simply a beautiful house.

Pitt put “tons and heaps of work on it,” according to Peterson, who claims that the property was in poor condition when she purchased it and had even been considered for demolition by developers. She acquired the home next door after selling the star’s home, lived there for many years, and saw the home’s makeover, including raising it off its foundation to put in a new base.

The 59-year-old star of the television series Babylon has now sold the expansive mansion in the Los Feliz district after nearly three decades of ownership and several repairs and additions.

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Elvira Says L.A. Mansion She Sold Brad Pitt Is Extremely 'Haunted' but 'He Loved It' [Exclusive]

He Was Attempting to Sell the 1.9-Acre Property Off-Market for Roughly $40 Million in January, a Real Estate Source Previously Told Media.

Pitt and his former spouse Angelina Jolie, 47, raised their six children there: Maddox, 21, Pax, 19, Zahara, 18, Shiloh, 16, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 14 years old. In 2016, the couple divorced.

Despite his continuing legal issues with Jolie, Pitt has begun dating 32-year-old jewelry designer Ines de Ramon. Most recently, on February 24, following the 2023 César Awards, the couple apparently had a date night in Paris.

In November 2022, when they had reportedly been dating for “a few months,” the two were first mentioned in the media.