Eminem’s Daughter Discloses, Why She Was “Bothered” when Asked About Her Father’s Relationship?

Los Angeles, September 20: Eminem’s 26-year-old daughter Hailie Jade is speaking out about the scrutiny around her father’s relationship.

Hailie Jade recently hosted a ‘Ask Me Anything’ edition of her podcast, but she shouldn’t be limited to questions about the famous rapper.

In response to questions about the ‘Slim Shady’ singer, Hailie said how it feels to be asked about solely her father, according to eonline.com.

“Does it affect me when people ask about my father?” “Because a lot of questions were about my dad,” Hailie explained on her ‘Just a Little Shady’ podcast.

She phrased it this way: “Yes and no are the greatest ways to express this… To be honest, it’s only to a point. I definitely anticipate it. And there are other things I can understand why people are really fascinated about, as anyone would be after growing up half in the limelight.”

“Once it gets past that point, though, I’m like, ‘I’m a person too,'” she says of growing up in the public glare.

Eminem's Daughter Discloses, Why She Was "Bothered" when Asked About Her Father's Relationship?

The 26-year-old stated that she is more than just Eminem’s daughter.

“So it becomes tough because I understand it,” Hailie explained.

“But, after a certain point, I’m not going to speak on anyone’s behalf. I’m not going to address questions that I don’t have the answers to.”

Hailie described how the attention paid to her father had an impact on her life.

“I feel like growing up, when it happened, it bothered me more because I was like, ‘Why do people care?'” Hailie stated.

“I was young and didn’t fully comprehend the situation, so I said, “That’s my dad.” I don’t inquire about your father.”

Though certain inquiries were OK to respond to, Hailie noted that others might be inappropriate.

“And there are certain things that, sure, it’s just crazy that you want to know that, but then I see why people are like, ‘OK, is this true?'” Hailie elaborated.

“Some things just strike me as odd. Let us proceed.”