Emma Chamberlain Net Worth: Journey of This Celebirty From Bottom to Top!

Emma Chamberlain is a YouTuber and social media star from the United States. She began her social media career in 2017, and since then she has gained a significant following for her vlog and other initiatives, expanding from there into other areas such as a clothing line and a podcast.

Early Life

emma chamberlain net worth

In May of 2001, Emma Chamberlain was born in California. Chamberlain was born in San Bruno, but he spent much of his childhood in neighboring San Mateo County. She started her education in San Carlos, California’s Central Middle School before transferring to the all-girls Catholic Notre Dame High School.
There she stayed until the beginning of her junior year to focus on her YouTube career full-time. Soon enough, she had completed all the requirements for graduation and had passed the California High School Exit Exam.

YouTube Career

Chamberlain began her career on YouTube in 2016, though she did not upload her first video until the summer of 2017. While she may currently have millions of YouTube viewers, she was once just another aspiring creator on the site. Only about 50 people had subscribed to her channel after she had posted 20 videos (she had previously remarked about this: “My first subscriber count was exactly zero.
emma chamberlain net worth
I’ll never forget the day I got my first subscriber email and realized it was my dad “). Her YouTube channel has films on a wide range of topics, such as travel, style, self-improvement, and beauty, but her first “viral” video was titled “We All Owe The Dollar Store An Apology.” At the end of the summer, her channel’s subscriber count began to skyrocket, and according to one source, it remained at that rate for nearly a whole year.
Even now, she uploads to her channel nearly every day, and she’s worked with the likes of Cody Ko and the Dolan Twins, among many other prominent YouTube personalities, on several projects. She has collaborated extensively with various YouTubers and Snapchatters.
Similarly, Emma Chamberlain has almost 16 million Instagram

Mainstream Media Coverage

Chamberlain has been featured extensively, which is unusual for YouTube stars. Both the New York Times and TIME magazine named her one of “The 25 Most Influential People on the Internet,” with the former dubbing her “the funniest person on YouTube.” She became a regular at Paris Fashion Week in her formal capacity as a correspondent for Vogue.
After being profiled by Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon on ABC News’s Nightline in December 2019, she started her own mail-order coffee business, Chamberlain Coffee, in the following month. Then, in February 2020, she graced the cover of Cosmopolitan, a major career milestone that inspired her to record a YouTube video titled “My First American Magazine Cover.”
emma chamberlain net worth
Chamberlain’s success as a YouTuber and social media influencer was the focus of the issue’s cover story, and she was joined by other prominent YouTubers in a subsequent piece where they discussed their methods for achieving similar levels of fame and fortune.


Emma Chamberlain hosts the Ramble-produced science podcast Stupid Genius, which has been rebranded as Anything Goes to reflect the show’s broader focus.


In the spirit of giving back to the community, Chamberlain has collaborated with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He recently met a fan at VidCon 2019 and made an appearance in a film for the foundation’s official YouTube channel. A summary of the conference, as provided by the foundation, reads as follows:


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“The opportunity for Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington wish kid Jason to meet his favorite creator, Emma Chamberlain, at VidCon 2019 was an experience he will never forget. Jason asked Emma a few questions about how to succeed as a creator on YouTube while they talked about the platform at large.”

Money Quotes by Emma Chamberlain

When I was a kid, money was so tight that we often skipped out on going to the movies.
This ability to earn one’s own money and spend it as one pleases is empowering because “I’ve always been the one who battled financially.”

Salary Highlights

Highlights from Chamberlain’s SalaryHer massively popular YouTube videos provide the most of her wealth and income. Depending on the source, she might be generating anywhere from $120,000 to $2 million per year from YouTube alone, not to mention the money she makes from her endorsements and businesses.
Her exceptionally high stated 25 percent interaction rate makes her an attractive deal for advertisers like Calvin Klein, and she has a good income from sponsored posts on Instagram as a result. And of course, she also makes money from her own lifestyle brand and apparel line, which she promotes across all of her social media platforms.

Brand Endorsements

Chamberlain’s first major brand endorsement was for the shopping app Dote, which sponsored her for the majority of 2018. Low Key / High Key by Emma, a clothing line designed by Chamberlain, was released, and the corporation sent Chamberlain and a stable of other women with successful YouTube accounts all around the world, from Austin, Texas to Fiji.
emma chamberlain net worth
Nonetheless, by the year’s end, Chamberlain had severed connections with Dote due to the app’s many scandals. In 2019, she was hired by Crapeyewear to market and develop their new range of sunglasses. She has appeared in videos for both the official YouTube account and Target’s YouTube channel, occasionally alongside other famous people like The Office cast members and social media stars.
In 2020, she continued her longstanding relationship with the Louis Vuitton brand by starring in an official Louis Vuitton Cruise campaign.

Net Worth

Emma Chamberlain has Accumulated about $12 million dollars so far from, her multi-social media Platforms and Real Estate.

Real Estate

Emma Chamberlain purchased a home in West Hollywood, California for $3.9 million in March 2020. When she bought it, she was eighteen. Andrew Modlin, a co-founder of MedMen, was the one who decided to sell. About 365 days later, she put the house on the market for $4 million. In May of 2021, she fetched $4.1 million for the property.
Emma bought a $4.3 million property in Beverly Hills in June 2021.

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