Emmerdale Spoilers Meena: Meena Inspires Identified Killer Naomi to Become a New Murderer!

As Meena Jutla receives her just punishment for her numerous sins, Emmerdale viewers will soon see Meena Jutla’s narrative come to a conclusion.

Even though Meena was found guilty of several murders this week, we haven’t seen the last of her because an episode next week will focus on her punishment. It’s been a long time coming, so Emmerdale producer Kate Brooks recently celebrated by speaking with Digital Spy and other media.

Continue reading to learn Kate’s thoughts on how the narrative ended and the long-term effects on the people.

Ever felt tempted to let Meena escape punishment for murder?

Yes, Meena has recently given us a lot of storylines, so there is always the temptation to let her get away with it. But a person who is capable of such horrifying atrocities and has no sense of regret cannot remain in the village for very long. There is nowhere else to go, therefore they can’t stay on that course.

emmerdale spoilers meena

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For the sake of our remaining characters as well as the viewers, we were aware that we needed to put a stop to it. Both justice and Meena’s punishment for her misdeeds is necessary for them.

Do you believe that the audience will like how the story ends?

In fact, I do. Meena Jutla might have been killed off or taken a number of other paths, but the way we punished her and the way she exits the show is perfectly appropriate for both her character and her sins.

She craves fame and attention more than anything else in the world, therefore we’re taking that away. Meena won’t have anything left after that is taken away, I don’t know what. She probably immediately realizes that. In comparison to death, it is considerably worse for her.

Why was it thought to hire a female serial killer?

“We’re constantly searching for the next big ‘watercooler moment‘ story. We were discussing concepts and the potential for a serial killer since Lachlan left us. The addition of a female serial murderer to the mix felt especially appropriate, as did the choice of a character who didn’t appear to be a normal serial killer.

emmerdale spoilers meena

In soap operas, serial murders usually fall into one of two categories. a murderer who makes mistakes while carrying out the kills and who harbors some remorse. Those who do it out of need are another group.

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“With Meena, we have a character that will kill just out of pleasure and for the sake of glory. I believe that in order to highlight a female killer who loved the drama of her actions, she needed to be without emotion and morality.

What subsequent steps did your plans take?

After deciding on that concept, we believed the moment was perfect to play out a complex plot like that. We want to provide some escapism for people because COVID was causing a lot of stress for the world. Since day one, this tale has been told at a very elevated level. The goal was for people to watch anything while curled up on their couches, and I believe we succeeded in achieving that goal.

In her audition, what distinguished Paige Sandhu?

I think Paige is amazing. In her screen test with Rebecca [Sarker, who plays Manpreet], she was immediately recognizable to us. Paige has always had such a magnetic personality, which sets her apart from the competition.

emmerdale spoilers meena

“She has a sweetness, but she also has this steeliness to her act and a slightly unsettling quality, which makes her so interesting.

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Villanelle and Killing Eve have been compared to this movie. Was this discussed during the script-writing process? If I claimed that we had not discussed it, I would be lying. There are undoubtedly traces of Meena in the television series Killing Eve, which Jodie Comer and I have enjoyed watching.

Her enjoyment of the slaughter and their shared skepticism toward death and the suffering of others are the causes. Although it is really gloomy, they enjoy the act of witnessing someone’s life depart their body, and that is what makes them so fascinating.

A favorite Meena scenario, do you have one?

There are countless. There are a lot of Meena situations, like when she wears the chauffeur hat or when she dances down the aisle, but Super Soap Week and the court sequences both stood out as wonderful. Meena gave everything a complete 180-degree turn in her final act. However, if I had to pick one, it would be Leanna’s passing as she was pursuing the helpless, innocent Leanna across the cemetery while singing the Black Eyed Peas.

emmerdale spoilers meena

“For me, that was a turning point when people realized that she isn’t your serious killer with a conscience, but rather, something that is amusing. She later danced at home to some Britney!