Still Humming “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”? To That End, Here Are 5 Hilarious Encanto Memes!

Since watching Encanto, I can’t seem to get We Don’t Talk About Bruno out of my head. Because, you know, it’s the most infectious tune ever and it’s now dominating the UK charts and TikTok. It’s reasonable to say that everyone on the globe is crazy about the latest movie.
I get that it’s a Disney film aimed at children and that it’s probably really lame, but hey, sue me! I couldn’t care less because there is not a single person on this planet who would disagree that every song on Encanto SLAPS.
Encanto, We Don’t Talk About Bruno, and the rest of the songs and characters have become Internet sensations, inspiring countless memes on Twitter. Everyone agrees that Encanto is wonderful and that everyone is enamored with it.
encanto memes
The finest tweets and memes relating to We Don’t Talk About Bruno and the rest of the Encanto film are collected here.

1. Will I Ever Get It Out Of My Head? No, No, No

2. It’s Too Relatable Soz X

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3. Where Is The Lie??

4. Rrrrrrats Along His Back

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6. It Has to Be Done

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