Eric Gorges Illness Unveiled: A Journey of Courage and Transformation!

Eric Gorges is a well-known television host and producer best recognized for his role as “A Craftsman’s Legacy” on Public Television’s host since the show’s debut in 2014. Gorges worked in business before beginning his career in television, but a health emergency caused him to reevaluate his priorities and decide to follow his passion for crafting.
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Gorges started an apprenticeship to learn from one of the best metal shapers in the nation, plunging into the world of expert workmanship. His subsequent career in television, where he highlights the work of exceptional craftspeople and investigates the essence of being a modern maker, was made possible by this life-changing experience.

Although specifics of Eric Gorges’ private life and upbringing are still unknown, it is known that he is a native of Detroit, Michigan, where he spent his formative years with his family. His enthusiasm for workmanship was shaped by his father, a dedicated enthusiast, and his grandfather, a skilled cabinetmaker. Gorges frequently acknowledges his father in interviews and gives him credit for his accomplishments.

Eric Gorges Illness

eric gorges illness

About his condition, nothing is known at this time. In his late 20s, Eric Gorges experienced the onset of an anxiety illness, which had a considerable negative impact on his life and profession. He was employed at Xerox in an IT function prior to being unwell.
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However, he made the decision to review his life after having anxiety attacks and observing the detrimental impacts on his general well-being.

Gorges reflected on his upbringing in Warren, on the north side of Detroit, where he was raised in a mechanical family that valued skill and manual labor. He spent a lot of time building things out of wood and fixing things, which helped him form a close bond with creating and maintaining things. His condition made him realize that he had been living without this connection during his professional career.

Gorges made the decision to pursue custom bike building because he has a love for motorbikes and a desire to work with his hands. He desired to construct motorcycles from the ground up, handcrafting each component and having total creative control over the finished result. He worked as an apprentice metal shaper to hone his abilities and committed himself to do so.

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What Illness Does Eric Gorges Have?

eric gorges illness

No specific ailment affecting Eric Gorges is mentioned. His personal journey of reassessing his life and profession, discovering his passion for crafting, and embracing it as a means of finding fulfillment and pleasure is highlighted by the specifics provided in the response. Although Gorges had anxiety attacks, it is not thought of as a disease but rather as the starting point of his transformational path.

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Eric Gorges Motorcycles

eric gorges illness

Motorcycle Industry Veteran Eric Gorges Is the Proprietor and Operator of Voodoo Choppers. in Auburn Hills, Close to Detroit, Voodoo Choppers Is a Well-Known Custom Motorcycle Shop that Specializes in Building “one 2 One” Machines Totally by Hand, Customized to The Tastes of Each Unique Client.

Gorges has made Voodoo Choppers one of the top custom businesses in the US because of his more than 20 years of experience in the field. The shop has a devoted fanbase and a reputation for excellence because of the care and craftsmanship put into each motorcycle, they produce.

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It is possible to link Eric Gorges’ love of motorbikes and his aptitude for manual labor to his background. He developed a great respect for workmanship and a natural knack for construction as a result of growing up in a family of woodworkers. This background, together with his passion for motorcycles, inspired him to find Voodoo Choppers and devote his life to the craft of building distinctive and customized vehicles.

Gorges has developed his abilities as a skilled motorcycle builder through his work at Voodoo Choppers. Every detail of the design and building process is meticulously attended to by him, resulting in each bike that leaves his shop being a genuine work of art. Gorges’ commitment to his art is evident in the finished result, from the choice of the best materials to the expert craftsmanship and assembly of the components.