Eurotux adopts hybrid model and new post-pandemic policy

Eurotux reinforced its Human Resources policy to adjust to the new post-pandemic reality. The company will adopt a hybrid regime when returning to the premises and employees will have the choice between always working in the office and a day or two from home.

Ensure greater flexibility and promote better management and organization of personal and professional life are the main objectives of the Braga company for this new phase. The adoption of these measures is intended to help the smooth transition from a work-at-home collaboration model (a habit that was harshly implemented by the pandemic) to a mixed model that allows for a gradual adjustment of routines and a safe return to the office, always, since most employees have already received the complete vaccination.

Eurotux e modelo híbrido de trabalho

Daniela Costa, Director of Management and Development at Eurotux, says that “the human resources policy that Eurotux is now implementing was conceived during the pandemic period and designed to guarantee all the safety of the teams. Our employees can make the transition to a hybrid model at their own pace, with all the comfort and managing the needs of personal and professional life without jeopardizing any of them.”

Some examples of measures to promote the well-being of all employees are the possibility of choosing between a hybrid work model or a shift regime, the provision of all material support both in the company and at home, the reinforcement of protection measures with free self-tests and trust in employees for autonomous management of their time at home.

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