Everything You Need to Know About ‘Queer Eye’ Season 7’s Filming Location, Premiere Date, and More!

‘Queer Eye’ Season 7: Everything to Know About Filming Location, Premiere Date and More

Take out the tissues! For season 7 of Queer Eye on Netflix, the Fab Five are bringing their skills to a new city.

When the reality TV revival initially debuted on Netflix in 2018, Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown, Jonathan Van Ness, Bobby Berk, and Tan France started assisting regular individuals in changing their lives. The group traveled to Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Texas in the following seasons after filming the first two seasons in Georgia.

In June 2022, the streaming service formally revealed the location for season 7, offering viewers a look at the cast in New Orleans. The statement stated, “The Fab Five have just arrived in The Big Easy and are delighted to join the party in this incredible city. “Get ready for more tears and new adventures coming up shortly.”

“Reunited with my favorite phone stealers, I mean fashion, design, cultural & culinary experts!!” Van Ness gushed in an Instagram post to mark the show’s return. I’m eager to explore New Orleans, meet new heroes, and make new memories with the @queereye group.

On Queer Eye, the host of the podcast “Getting Curious” is in charge of hairstyling, with Porowski also teaching the participants how to cook. While Berk performs his home design magic, France assists on the fashion front. For his part, Karamo encourages people to accept their cultural diversity.

Everything You Need to Know About 'Queer Eye' Season 7's Filming Location, Premiere Date, and More!

Van Ness responded to a question about the series’ popularity by saying, “I think that when a varied group of individuals gets together, and the fact that we simply love each other so much, that helps so that it continues to be a rich story,” to Parade in January 2022.

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I believe that the bravery, honesty, and authenticity that our heroes bring to these stories is a really vital component of the program, especially when we’re all being open and honest about the things we’re going through. They are so exposed because they are displaying their entire existence.

The Bravo television program Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, which featured Ted Allen, Kyan Douglas, Thom Filicia, Carson Kressley, and Jai Rodriguez in the early 2000s, served as an inspiration for Queer Eye. The original cast members are still proud of the influence they had, even if the present version has become more and more popular with each new season.

“A family watched together. Young individuals could explore the topic and ask, “Oh, what is gay?” In an exclusive interview with Us during Pride Month in 2022, Kressley said, “[or] ‘Oh, I didn’t know any gay people before I saw them on the show,’ and ‘Of course, they should have the same rights as us, of course, they should be able to get married or adopt.

It turned out to be far more powerful than we had anticipated, but the power truly really lies in being true to who you are and demonstrating to others that doing so is OK.

Where Is It Being Shot?

New Orleans will be the setting for Season 7. In June 2022, Netflix said, “Get ready for more adventures and more tears real soon.”

Who Is Coming Back?

Everything You Need to Know About 'Queer Eye' Season 7's Filming Location, Premiere Date, and More!

The Fab Five will all be present in the forthcoming season, each contributing their own talents to the Big Easy.

When Will It Debut?

The exact date of the debut has not yet been made public.

The ‘Heroes’: Who Are They?

The lucky people whose lives will be touched by the Fab Five this season have not yet been revealed to viewers on Netflix, but they are undoubtedly another eclectic group.

Will There Be a Season Eight?

Plans for season 8 have not yet been made public by the streaming service, but Queer Eye has had consistent success since its 2018 premiere.

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