Facebook already has a new name and… it couldn't be less original!

During an event that took place today, Facebook addressed the long-awaited theme “metaverse”, where it ended up having its new name presented by Mark Zuckerberg.

Let’s say they don’t seem to have invested a lot of time in the brainstorming session to decide the name, staying by Meta. This will be the new name of Facebook as a company, and the social network itself will remain the same.

With this strategic change, Mark Zuckerberg is looking for an approach similar to the one implemented by Google several years ago when created Alphabet, the current parent company. So, from now on, all Facebook applications, including WhatsApp and Instagram, will be under the responsibility of Meta, its new parent company.

Facebook Meta

Facebook, or Meta, wants to be recognized as a company of the future and for the future

According to Mark Zuckerberg, the main objective is that “over time, they will be recognized as a metaverse company”. It is undeniable that by choosing this name they are already trying to manipulate that goal.

The new name should represent all Facebook applications and platforms, as well as its constant work on virtual reality products and augmented reality.

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