Facebook as you know it will end very soon!

Recent information reveals that Facebook is about to change radically. Apparently the news will be revealed already during the next week, and the biggest change could shock many users, Facebook will change its name! Still without much concrete information, this change will have as main objective to reflect the company’s focus on developing a metaverse.

Although there is no official information, everything indicates that Mark Zuckerberg will make these changes official on the day 20 October during the annual Connect conference. However, the same source of this information leaves up the possibility that an announcement may arrive even before the conference.

Facebook Nome

Facebook will try to “copy” to Google to clear its name

There were many the news that denigrated Facebook’s image over the last few years, with countless scandals involving breaches of users’ privacy and ineffective measures to combat inappropriate content on its platform.

With this new strategy, the Facebook as a social network will not change its name. Instead, similar to what Google did when it created its “mother company” Alphabet, Mark Zuckerberg is expected to reveal the name of a new company where he will integrate Facebook and other platforms.

Like this , they hope to be able to mitigate the negative effects that the bad image of the social network Facebook ends up passing on to platforms such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

Zuckerberg wants his company to stop being recognized just for being a network social, but as a “metaverse company” that encompasses several different platforms. It remains for us to wait, to see what the real impacts of this new strategy will be.

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