Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are offline! It's not your internet

If during the last few minutes you’ve repeatedly tried to confirm that your smartphone or computer has an internet connection, simply because your Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp don’t work, you can stop. Thousands of users around the world report that the services of the “Zuckerberg network” were simultaneously offline.

It’s not your internet, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp don’t work anyway

As expected, this breakdown of service on the various platforms belonging to Facebook has risen to trends on Twitter, where thousands of users report the various problems. The problems started around 20h40 (time in Portugal) and there is still no indication of when they can be resolved.

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As has happened in several past situations, the progress of the blackout can be followed closely on the Downdetector website, where thousands of users confirm they experience problems with Facebook , Instagram and WhatsApp.

Obviously, this is another perfect situation for “anti-Facebook” users to take advantage of to spread their message, causing the hashtag #DeleteFacebook to reappear in the trends of Twitter.

For the time being, information on possible causes for the breakdown of service on the three platforms has not yet been revealed.

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However, it is to be expected that the social networking giant already has a team dedicated to repairing the situation.

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Most likely, official information will be published once the services are re-established.

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