Fake Celebrity Deaths Are Taking Over TikTok, and Parents Aren’t Too Happy About It.

The latest TikTok trend is to pull the hearts of families announcing the fake deaths of beloved celebrities…and while the reactions have been pretty hilarious, the viral clip has led to several “idiot scams” online.

This trend is gaining momentum on social media. Especially when families reunite for the holidays, what better way to pass the time than to (erroneously) announce the death of George Clooney or Chris her Jenner?

I have to admit that the mix has some funny reactions… From bloodthirsty screams to almost tearful tears, it really shows how much these stars mean to people.

TikTokers have a good laugh, but some people just don’t get the jokes. Because a good portion of the comment section on these clips is filled with people calling pranks “disgusting.”

Some have even accused the younger generation of mocking the death of a celebrity when her death wasn’t true, with one person commenting on the post, “This is so sick.”

No matter how many vacations you take, be careful not to give your grandma a heart attack in Elton John Dead at 75!

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The morbid hashtag “celebritydeathprank” has over 100 million views, and the trend has gone viral and people have started making videos of their families being tricked.
Apparently, no one, not even the already dead celebrities, escaped being used as a spread.In one video, a man claims that Beatles guitarist John Lennon, who was murdered in 1980, had just died.
It looked like I was talking to my grandmother. She was surprised when she heard the news of her. “Grandma, John Lennon has been dead for years, decades,” he joked. “Hmm, I didn’t know,” she replied.
Several TikTok creators have made videos telling their parents that former President Donald Trump has passed away and have received mixed reactions.

In another instance, a prank recipient clapped their hands and shouted, “Thank you Jesus for a Merry Christmas!” A creator made a video pranking her mother by saying that her mother’s favorite star, Korean musician PSY, died while exercising on her machine.
Her mother looked surprised and she continued to use the machine slowly.

On the other hand, some said they couldn’t understand what was so funny about the viral pranks, and even whined, “Why are we joking about death? Are you so bored?”

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Damn, what did we do wrong when we were young? Admittedly, the trend’s popularity isn’t all that surprising, given that celebrity death hoaxes (and related conspiracy theories) have always been very popular online.

But then again, as another Twitter user put it, a combination of “playing with other people’s emotions and making fun of them for their normal reaction, and making jokes about someone’s death.” is “Not at all.”