Fans And The Golf World ‘Gasp’ Over Phil Mickelson’s Sudden Weight Loss; Got Fans Worried!

Phil Mickelson, who is an ex-PGA tour legendary player is in the news again, but this time not for something related to golf, but for his drastic transformation after his weight loss. Phil Mickelson is currently a LIV Golf competitor.

Phil’s drastic weight loss has made him look way different from what he used to look like, and this has made his fans and the golf world worried. This transformation of Phil was seen in recent months, and the fans started worrying after a photo of the golf star went viral on Tuesday, 31st January 2023.

Phil Mickelson’s Latest Appearance After Major Weight Loss Has Fans Concerned

According to Phil in an interview he gave to a sports agency, he lost 20 pounds of weight before he came back to LIV for the Saudi International set 2023 which will start on Thursday, 2nd February 2023.

In an interview Phil gave to Sports Illustrated, he said: “I’m down to my college weight. I’m stronger than I’ve probably been in my career. I lost 20-plus pounds. I’m flexible, recovering faster, ready to go.”

The photo of Phil went viral when Dan Rapaport from Barstool Sports posted it on Twitter when he was in a press conference before the Saudi International. He said: “Phil looks like an entirely different person”.

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Even after Phil said that he feels stronger than ever after his drastic weight loss, his appearance has got fans all worried about him. They are concerned about his health.

Some of the fans started reacting to his weight loss photograph on twitter by saying: “This does not look like a healthy or sustainable drop in weight.”

Phil Mickelson’s Latest Appearance After Major Weight Loss Has Fans Concerned

“What’s behind this?” was one of the fans’ comments.

Mickelson said during the Saudi International in King Abdullah Economic City: “I have a whole different energy, whole different excitement. I’ve been rejuvenated. Best shape I’ve been in in a long time. I’m back to my college weight. It allows me to recover faster after I play.”

Adding to his statement, Mickelson continued: “I’m changing some of the ways I practice to be more efficient. Rather than quantity, it’s much more quality driven, and I’m seeing a difference when I go out and play in the way I am kind of pulling the shots off on the golf course.”

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So, even though his weight loss looks unreal and unhealthy, the golf legend is very comfortable with his body now and feels super healthy, fit and strong.