Fans Believe that This Is the Funniest Moment in Love Island History!

With memorable one-liners like “You’re a liar, an actress, go the f**k out!” and the Casa Amor recoupling, it’s safe to assume that this season of Love Island will go down as one of the best ever. But Love Island viewers just determined that a specific incident is the funniest in the program’s history, and we have to admit that we agree.

In case you missed it, this week the participants from the Main Villa and Casa Amor got together. Many Islanders elected to get back together, including Andrew Le Page who, after getting to know Coco Lodge over the past three days, chose to pair up with her.

But shortly after their reconciliation, it became apparent that Andrew still harbored affections for his ex-girlfriend Tasha Ghouri. As a result, he swiftly cooled things up with Coco and informed her that they would remain friends.

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Afraid of Andrew friend-zoning her, Coco confided in her co-stars about their antics, revealing that they had engaged in some sex on the first night of Casa Amor. The information was promptly relayed to Andrew, who then told Tasha, leading to what has been dubbed the greatest Love Island moment ever.

Fans Believe that This Is the Funniest Moment in Love Island History!

“One viewer tweeted: “Probably the best thing I’ve ever seen on TV was Andrew uncomfortably telling Tasha he licked another girl’s tit. Imagine being Andrew and having to say you sucked a tit and then try and make it better to say I licked a tit. The hell with it, I’m gone!”

Another person joined the debate and said, “How do you even say, “I sucked her tits,” in a dignified manner. Andrew has completed!” Another user captioned their video on TikTok, “Best Love Island moment ever,” after posting a clip of the amusing incident there.

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