Fans of Rock and Metal Respond to The Latest Pantera Touring Report!

Fans of rock and metal respond to the latest Pantera Touring report

Fans of rock and metal reacted swiftly to the news that Metal Legends Pantera will tour once again in 2023, which was later revealed by the Board on Wednesday, July 13. Is the gossip true?

Pantera’s signing with Artist Group International to book their first concert in more than 20 years has not yet been confirmed by the group itself.

While lead singer Philippe Anselmo and bassist Rex Brown passed of Pantera have mentioned performing at a Pantera tribute show in the past, likely with other seasoned metal bands like Zakk wild, a complete tour marketed as Pantera seems unexpected.

Audience responses on Wednesday Work alongside those of fans Rock and Metal were also spoken. “Wow! Have you seen this yet? On Twitter, Eddie Trunk, host of trunk country and a Sirius XM Rock personality, responded. It’s unclear who plays the guitar and the drums, he said.

David Dryman, a restless singer only questioned, “Thoughts?” More comments are included below.

In 2018, Pantera drummer Winnie Paul passed away from heart failure, and in 2004, guitarist Dimebag Darrell was murdered on stage. Brother and Paul’s post-Pantera band, Loss Plan, performed there at one of their performances. Pantera’s final album, Regenerate Steel, was released in 2000.

What are your thoughts on the report? Is it true that Pantera should get back together? Imagine how things might change in 2023.

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