Fans of Stranger Things Cite Eddie Munson’s Metallica Solo as The Show’s “Best Sequence Ever!”

Fans of Stranger Things Cite Eddie Munson's Metallica Solo as The Show's "best Sequence Ever!"

Metallica fans are thrilled that the fourth season of Stranger Things will feature music from the band.

Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) plays an instrumental rendition of the heavy metal band’s 1986 song “Master of Puppets” in the epic second book of the series while battling demons in the Upside Down.

Fans of Metallica will be hoping the performance will give the song new life, much like it did for Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill.”

YouTuber Inabber wrote on Twitter: “Complain about it stranger things anything you want, but you won’t deny me Eddie play Master of the Dolls of Metallica fighting evil flying demons on your head IS the greatest scene ever.”

How moving was the time when Eddie introduced Chrissy Master of Puppets of Metallica, a fan remarked?

The “Best Metal Performance I’ve Ever Seen,” according to another enthusiast. Eddie Munson, Metallica’s master puppeteer, is “crushing The Freak, The Exiled, THE HERO in a genuine hellscape.”

In a recent interview, Quinn discussed the scene in which he and Dustin (Gate Matarazzo) organize a metal concert to divert the Demobats.

Quinn says, “I was fortunate to learn guitar when I was younger, so I had the basis. “I was by no means a virtuoso, but I shot it when the time was right.

“That wasn’t going to happen, so we had some kind of black belt heavy metal musician lead us through the solo! Fortunately, I could handle the rest even though I couldn’t handle that. It was a very remarkable experience.

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