Nurse Fawn Mckay Was Fired Over Onlyfans? Debunked Viral Tweet!

To make ends meet, or in the case of those who excel, a living, OnlyFans has grown in popularity as a means of monetization.

One popular tweet claims that Fawn McKay had no choice but to turn her hobby into a full-time job.

Fawn Mckay Alleged She Was Fired as A Nurse for Her Onlyfans

fawn mckay

Fawn McKay reportedly has a screenshot of a text message exchange with her mother that she posted to Twitter. She receives a text message with a link to a CNN story about her being dismissed from her job as a nurse because she is an OnlyFans creator.

Some news agencies have picked up on this image and turned it into a narrative. It reads, “Fawn McKay, 22, a registered nurse in Florida grabbed headlines after her OnlyFans video with a patient went viral. Fawn has reported that the patient was negative for drugs prior to initiation of sexual activity.

In a subsequent tweet, Fawn said, “And no, the guy didn’t have covid and quit asking for the vid, it’s literally on my OnlyFans haha.” Her follow-up tweet read: “Not how I pictured my 2021 to go,” so it’s safe to assume that she also shared the piece.

fawn mckay

That piece has a great ring to it, but it does not exist elsewhere on the internet. The fact that the purported story employs erroneous tenses and misspells the word “OnlyFans” is more evidence that it was not written by CNN staff.

Together, the tweets from April 22 and 23 have amassed more than 5,000 likes as of this writing.

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The Same Tweet Went Viral for Another Onlyfans Creator Too

fawn mckay

Rachel Rain, the developer of OnlyFans, also tweeted a screenshot of a conversation she was having with her mother that was nearly identical to the one that has since been deleted.

The mother responds to her daughter’s Fawn McKay tweet by forwarding an article from The Shade Room.

The tweet referencing this nonexistent story has also been removed.

At the time of Rachel Rain’s tweet in September 2020, users were already asking questions on sites like Quora about whether or not the narrative was true.

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