Faye Chrisley Testified on Wednesday, “I Don’t Read Any of It.”

Nanny Faye testifies in the Todd and Julie Chrisley fraud trial

Elizabeth Chrisley, dubbed “Nanny Faye” by viewers of her family’s reality TV show, told the jury in her son and daughter-in-fraud law’s trial that she didn’t read the paperwork before signing them.

So when she was given a litany of financial paperwork claiming she was an owner of the “7C’s Productions” company — a loan out from the company where the family was paid for their reality TV program — she replied she may have signed them but had no idea what they said.

Faye Chrisley Testified on Wednesday, “I Don’t Read Any of It.”

Nanny Faye testifies in the Todd and Julie Chrisley fraud trial

Federal prosecutors have charged Faye Chrisley’s son Todd and his wife Julie, stars of the USA Network reality show “Chrisley Knows Best,” with tax evasion and running a scheme to mislead banks by making it appear that they were wealthier than they were. The Chrisleys filed for bankruptcy after the banks caught on to them, prosecutors alleged, and walked away with a $20 million debt. Prosecutors claim that the pair then tried to hide money from the IRS.

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Julie Chrisley allegedly signed over ownership of the “7C’s Productions” company to Faye Chrisley in order to continue the plot to deceive the IRS, according to prosecutors. She was named as the company’s president, shareholder, and board member on paperwork submitted to various entities.

Faye Chrisley, on the other hand, testified on Thursday that she only knew she was a signer on the company’s bank account because she needed to sign checks when the rest of the family traveled to Los Angeles to film a spin-off reality program called “Growing Up Chrisley.”

The prosecution showed a number of documents, some of which included her signature, claiming she was the only owner of the corporation. Todd Chrisley identified her as a 75% owner of the company in an email to a lender at a vehicle dealership.
Faye Chrisley told Assistant US Attorney Annalise Peters, “Honey, I had never been involved with anything but be a signer.” “It’s something I’ve never possessed. I’m not interested in it.”

Nanny Faye’s Role on The Show Is to “live My Best Life,” According to Her

Federal Judge Eleanor Ross interrupted Faye Chrisley’s testimony at one point, instructing her to stop calling Peters, a

Nanny Faye testifies in the Todd and Julie Chrisley fraud trial

“It’s nothing new to me. I was completely oblivious to it “Peters smiled as he stated. Ross added, “Not in this courtroom — No.” Chrisley, a native of South Carolina, said in court that she worked in the textile industry for 40 years. Todd Chrisley and her late husband both worked at the factory. Todd later left that line of work, she added, when he began flipping properties and became successful in the real estate sector, eventually relocating to Atlanta. Years later, in 2013, he and his family were cast in the reality show “Chrisley Knows Best,” on which she also appeared. She described her job in the show as “living my greatest life.”

Prosecutors say the Chrisleys began rerouting their profits from the show to Todd’s mother’s bank account when the IRS began investigating them for fraud Faye Chrisley said that she allowed the pair access to her account when they were having financial difficulties following Mark Braddock’s theft. “When Mark pulled all of their money out of their bank in 2012,” she explained, “I gave them access to my bank and all of the money in it.” “They can still utilize it if it’s still open.”

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Faye Chrisley stated she couldn’t remember anything when Peters handed her a finance application for a Bentley that had been submitted in her name by Todd and Julie Chrisley. That doesn’t rule out the possibility that she was notified about it at some point, she added. The 77-year-old remarked, “I’ve got a lot of age on me, a lot of water under the bridge.” “As a result, I don’t recall some details.”

Chrisley’s Former Business Partner, Braddock, Is the One Who Reported the Couple to The Fbi for Committing Fraud

Nanny Faye testifies in the Todd and Julie Chrisley fraud trial

He acknowledged bank fraud but claimed that he did so at their request and because he still had romantic feelings for Todd after a year-long affair. The Chrisleys reject this, claiming he is an “obsessed” former employee who turned vindictive after being fired from their firm.

Braddock was given immunity in exchange for his testimony.

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