Faye from Euphoria Is Stirring up Controversy on Twitter!

Two new characters were introduced to viewers in the new season of Euphoria, and they are already causing havoc. First, up is Elliot (played by Dominic Fike), who is about to plunge headfirst into a love triangle with Rue and Jules (both portrayed by Hunter Schafer) (played by Zendaya.
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Faye, who is portrayed by Chloe Cherry, is another character that Rue met on New Year’s Eve when they were both waiting for Fez to finish his drug deals. When Lexi (Maude Apatow) goes in to see Fez in the second episode of season two, she notices Faye hanging out at his shop.
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Wait, Faye from Euphoria What Happened?

In the Euphoria Season 2 finale, everything went wrong for Fezco (Angus Cloud) and Ashtray (Javon Walton). Once he realized Custer (Tyler Chase) had sold them out to the police, Ashtray stabbed Custer in the throat and then barricaded himself in the bathroom with a bathtub full of weapons.

Ashtray was slain and Fez was wounded in the big gunfight that followed the police barging into the home. Faye (Chloe Cherry) was the sole resident whose whereabouts were still mostly unclear; she appeared to have been flung to the ground when the police barged in.

So, on Euphoria, is Faye dead?

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While we witnessed Fez being shot and afterward being carried away by the police, the only picture we have of Faye is of her lying face down on the ground and appearing to be still alive as the police initially enter the scene.

Faye from Euphoria Is Stirring up Controversy on Twitter!

We were never shown what happened to Faye after the massive shootout that followed. Was she too a victim of the chaos? If she is still alive, has she joined Fez in being taken into custody? Will she simply be fired considering that she had no involvement with Custer and Fez’s affairs? Alternatively, did she escape before the bullets started to fly?

For the majority of the season, Faye had generally stayed in the background, but in the season finale, she took the initiative and attempted to diffuse the conflict between Custer, Fez, and Ash. Custer instructed her to be quiet and go along after telling her that he was collaborating with law enforcement to bring Fez to justice for the death of Mouse.

But it was obvious that she felt conflicted about the whole thing. After all, Fez and Ash accepted her without a second thought while Custer hid, and Fez in particular seemed to treat her with kindness at all times.

Therefore, Faye stepped in when Custer tried to extract a confession from Fez while the police were ostensibly listening in on his phone and disclosed to him that the detectives had discovered Mouse’s body. She reminded Custer that he had previously told her that Mouse’s supervisor Laurie (Martha Kelly) had killed him. She continued to assert that Laurie was the only one to blame for Mouse’s passing even as Custer started to reprimand her.

Sadly, we’ll never know whether Faye’s attempt to divert attention to Laurie was successful. (However, fingers crossed that somehow, that instant would assist Fez in escaping from prison.) Nevertheless, she became the new Euphoria Season 2 fan favorite when she revealed her commitment to Fez and Ashtray. In the wake of Ash’s passing, we may be composing this while crying, but Faye, you’re a real one.

Actress Chloe Cherry Discussed the Challenging Choice Her Character Made in Faye

Chloe Cherry is a brand-new member of the Euphoria cast who was contacted by Sam Levinson. She was previously employed in the adult film industry, making this her first significant role in a TV series. She is now discussing her interactions with the show and her character.

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Cherry claims that Faye feels the need for someone to “rescue” her in an interview with Variety. Custer first saves her. However, as she gets to know Fez and his kindness, her perception of the world changes.

Faye from Euphoria Is Stirring up Controversy on Twitter!

She believes that Custer is responsible for her life and that she owes him something, but after moving in with Fezco, Fez actually saved her because she had overdosed on heroin, according to Cherry. There is tension since she is unsure of which side to take, and now that Fez has been caring for her.

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