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FictionMania.TV Review – Complete Information & Guide To Stories

When you consider that TG content isn’t as popular as other forms of S*X fiction, the number of visitors to their website is quite impressive. FictionMania did everything to draw readers to stories about transgender people and their transformations rather than the usual S*X literature. Even if you are not a registered user, you can post messages on the site’s message board, which serves as an alternative to the forum.

Our review

If you’re a fan of transgender S*X stories, Fiction Mania is the place for you. No matter how many books you’ve read about transgender characters, you’re sure to discover something new on fictionmania.tv, which already has over 33,000 stories available and is adding more every day.

The platform was launched by a group of enthusiasts in February of that year. It’s just a hobby for these people, and they have jobs to pay for it, they say.” It explains how to fix some of the site’s technical issues. For example, if the power goes out for more than 30 minutes or the servers go down while the admins are at work or asleep, the site will go down and come back up in seven minutes or when the power is restored, respectively. The site may have serious problems if none of the administrators have access to the site at the time of a crash or any cyber attack; fortunately, there have been no major issues so far.

There are few websites that focus on the S*Xuality of transgender people, but Fiction Mania is the exception. As a result, you can expect to see very few other kinds of er*tica on this website. Additional content such as bondage, domination, body piercing, or other S*Xually explicit material is strongly discouraged by the administration. There is no need to post nude images on your work or social media accounts (unless you want to leave the platform spectacularly – with the help of moderators).

For their 1999 First Annual Excellence in Transgender Award, the readers of the International Transgendered Online Magazine chose FictionMania despite the fact that TG fiction is less popular than other genres. After years of adding content and polishing the existing stories, this simple-looking platform may turn out to be an exciting place to explore now.


If you’re new to the site, you should know that you don’t need to create an account in order to use its services. However, you can quickly and easily sign in to a message board and have your cool name displayed to everyone. But there is one minor issue: finding the button to register a nickname is difficult. You should read the Disclaimer on the “Message Board” page. There is a link that will take you to the registration page, where you can enter the username of your choice. To finish the registration process, you’ll need to enter your email address and create a password.

It is only yours if you return to the site at least once every 180 days and use the username you select. As soon as you don’t log into the site for 180 days, your username will be available to anyone else.

There is no way to register as a member. Only the Contribute a Story form on the Author Info page can be used to submit stories. Fictionmania.tv administrators will review your submission, and if the team thinks it’s a good fit for the site, it will be posted.

Start conversation

Everything on the site, including communication, is free. There are two ways to communicate with the members: via email and on the official message board. Non-members can post and send direct messages without having an account on the forum. It’s possible to express your thoughts on a storey or author without having to register a username. In order to leave your review, you only need to enter your email and username in the appropriate fields on the “Add a Review” page. Message board moderators have the power to remove your posts, but they will not interfere with your reviews (unless they are too rude to leave them on the site).


In fact, there are none at all. Only by including a biography will your work be acknowledged as an author. Go to the page “Authors Info” and select “Add or Change Biography,” and then – “Add Biography.”. Submit the form after filling it out. Your biography will be taken into account by the team, and you will be added to the list of authors.

Mobile app

There isn’t a mobile app for FictionMania. But you can still read your favourite books on your smartphones, tablets, and even Kindles using browser-based apps like Google Play or Safari. You’ll still see the same structure, but it will be a little easier to read and post stories.

Free services

The use of this website is completely free. In order to avoid paying for your happiness, the administration does not want you to watch fiction mania tv. Glamour Boutique is the site’s official sponsor, so there will be no hidden payments or scams, according to the reviews. Furthermore, no pop-ups or ads will interrupt your enjoyment of your favourite YA or MG fiction on this site.

Appearance and interface

The UI is understandable and clean, but it appears to be a little too simple. In 2019, more than a blank canvas and a readable font are required, according to some FictionMania reviews. That old-fashioned design is represented in Fiction Mania, and it is a little depressing.

When asked why he/she made that particular design choice, the site’s owner states on the About page:

Aside from the fact that there are no WAV files and no fancy backgrounds, there is nothing else. These all have the potential to stifle page loading. For the most part, you’ll only be able to access fiction text files if you visit this page. I own Photoshop and have created websites for others that are full of eye candy but take a long time to load on 28.8 dial-up. It’s not going to be like that here. As a rule, we don’t use up resources just to be adorable.

We can’t expect too much from the volunteers who maintain a free website. It’s especially enticing if this site offers content that isn’t typically found on p*rn sites.

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