FIFA 22 Console vs PC: Which Should You Choose and Why?


FIFA 22 is set to be the next “big thing” in the world of sports games. The new and improved game has already brought a lot more excitement and excitement than its predecessors and hasn’t even been released yet. Xbox owners can’t wait any longer to grab their Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, put them to good use, and take on other online gamers such as PlayStation and PC gamers.

However, one thing that remains constant in the minds of those who haven’t pre-ordered their game yet, is the console or PC question, and why? The answer is obvious if you only have one platform capable of running the new FIFA 22, but there is a big dilemma in the mind of those luxurious ones, and that is the platform choice.

Advantages of buying FIFA 22 for console

Electronic Arts, the creator of FIFA 22 has introduced the brand new Hypermotion technology in your game. However, there is one important detail that everyone should know before purchasing the game. Hypermotion technology, which promises to deliver the most realistic football experience to date, will only be available in next-gen console games.

Over 8.7 million frames of advanced motor captures, taken from 22 players, along with advances in technology, have made Hypermotion possible. The complete experience promises to be more realistic, not only in the way a player moves on the field, but also in their interactions with other players, and even things like ball deformations after impact. Unfortunately, such details require a lot of resources to run, meaning that platforms like PCs, PS4 and Xbox One will not be able to support it.

Advantages of buying FIFA 22 for PC

By now, you might be thinking that the choice has become obvious, as FIFA 22 on next-gen consoles has new and revolutionary technologies that the FIFA 22 PC version doesn’t have. However, if you are a fan of adding mods to your game, PC might still be the choice to make. Mods open up loads of possibilities that improve the gaming experience tremendously and constantly improve over the course of the year, so there’s always something new to add to your game.

Thousands of new player faces and face improvements, new teams and even new game modes may become available within a few months of launch. You may even be offered game improvements if the need arises. Of course, it might not be enough to keep up with EA’s expensive new tech, but considering all the other things the mods add to the game, the final product might even be better than what we’ll ever get with FIFA 22. Also, if you’re not too interested in getting a physical copy of the game, you can buy PC keys and save a nice amount along with the other perks.

In short, both next-gen consoles and PC have their advantages and disadvantages. While the PC version might not offer the next-gen gaming experience with Hypermotion technology, an inferior game might be the result, and it doesn’t offer the ability to add mods to the game, which keeps the game interesting and exciting long after. its release.

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