FIFA 22: what's new in this edition?

One of the most anticipated moments of the year for any FIFA player is coming: the launch of the new edition, authored by EA Sports. With a new protagonist on its cover, named Mbappé, FIFA 20 promises to be a game that increases the quality and experience of the game (one of the biggest criticisms of FIFA 09). In addition, it is already known many news that, however, have already been announced by EA Sports itself.

Still, you should realize that, in the Brazilian football department, FIFA 21 will still be very limited. This happens because only 20 teams from Series A will be present. In addition, it is already known that all Brazilian team players will have their generic faces and faces. In addition, none of these players will be available for the Ultimate Team either.

FIFA 22: o que é novidade nesta edição?

However, there is no reason to be discouraged, as for any competitive FIFA player, the changes announced in the FUT Champions are drastic. You will no longer have to worry about 200 games in a single weekend . However, this is just one of the biggest changes you will experience in this FIFA. Get to know the most relevant ones now:

  • Investment in greater fluidity and realism in the game
    1. Without a doubt that FIFA21 will not be missed as to its fluidity and speed of response to the commands of its players. For this reason, those responsible for this new FIFA 21 did it the issue of investing heavily in the development of graphics and simulation systems that are even more accurate and demanding.

      Incidentally, this same investment is very similar to what is happening with online casino games, where types of slot machines in online casinos are even presented in 3D mode. Furthermore, the lightness, playability and interactivity of the latest online casino games turns out to be a great example for an entire gaming industry.

        FUT Champions is all week long

          In fact, the famous FUT Champions will never be the same. That’s because, currently, you will no longer have to organize to be dozens of hours of your weekend to play 20 games in a row. Instead, you’ll have to play Division Rivals during the week. The goal is for you to be able to pass 6 qualifiers during the week. If you do, then you will reach the playoffs, which will be held at the end of the week.

          *)As is natural, the further you can go (the final will be every Sunday), the better FUT Rewards you will be able to collect. Furthermore, the own FUT Rewards can be opened immediately on Monday. In other words, you will no longer need to wait until Thursday to open your packs and test your luck.

            You will always play against players of your level

              One of the biggest complaints in FIFA 21 is that it was practically impossible to get the best rewards, since there were always several players from another division who were lucky during the FUT Champions. But that worry is now over. That’s because, what will dictate the level of opponents you will encounter will be the division in which you will be present.

              That way, even reaching the final on Sunday, your opponent will be in the same division as you. Therefore, it is crucial that you can be in the best division possible in Division Rivals. This is because the FUT Champions awards of a Division 1, will always be much higher than what you can collect if you are playing FUT Champions in a lower Division.

                Radical difference in Pro Clubs gameplay

                  Far from the stress and online competition, FIFA 30 also promises to revolutionize the way of being able to play with up to 4 friends. That’s because, in this new edition, you’ll finally have the freedom to choose a dream team. That is, instead of being limited to selections or to teams with squads already formed, you will have the freedom to be able to form your own team, with the players you want.

                  In short, it will be able to join Messi with Cristiano Ronaldo without any kind of problem. The same will happen with the friend who will be playing against you. Therefore, the level of freedom to choose your team is maximum, promising a rate of enjoyment that will be much higher than it was. Who says FIFA’s offline mode can’t be hugely fun either?

                  1. News in Football Mode Back
                    1. Even though there is still a big unknown about what this new “Soccer Returns” mode could be, the truth is that he was one of the great protagonists of the FIFA presentation trailer 22. However, what seems certain is that this mode promises to give freedom for your players to be able to edit and customize their arenas, as well as the teams they plan to play with.

                      Featuring a very futuristic football environment, rumors also ensure that modes similar to “FIFA Street ” could also be one of the main reasons for launching this mode. Yes because, there are some editions, in offline mode it was possible to play FIFA Street. This is a mode where the show of your plays is much more important than the rules.

                      Will FIFA 22 will it be a success?

                        As has been proven in recent years, it is it’s virtually impossible for EA Sports to be able to please everyone. However, these changes promise a lot, although the approach to Brazilian football still seems to be unsatisfactory. It is also expected that, in the first weeks, players can help the developer in the correction of fixed bugs or problems with game modes.FIFA 22: o que é novidade nesta edição?

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