Find Your First Internship: 6 Best Internship Websites

Find Your First Internship: 6 Best Internship Websites

Having a degree is important, but it’s not everything. The job market is rather competitive for everyone, but it can be ruthless for recent graduates. So how do you secure a job if you are fresh out of college?

The answer is simple. You need to show potential employers that you have practical experience. There’s no better way to get it than to take an internship. Yet, it’s often challenging to find the right program. You want an offer that is connected with your major, that gives you relevant experience, and that allows networking. Internships can also be paid and unpaid, full-time and part-time. As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider, which is almost overwhelming.

Luckily, there are websites that make it easy to make this decision. Here is a selection of six legit websites by an expert writer from the top writing service EssayService where you can find an internship.

1.   LinkedIn

If you’re looking for good internship programs, start your search with LinkedIn. The platform has thousands of options, with new openings being released every day. You can even apply for internships you are interested in directly from the website or app.

LinkedIn has simple navigation. You can filter internships by company, location, job type, experience, etc. For example, you can immediately set that you want a part-time internship or remote internship. This helps to narrow down the search and saves you so much time. Another useful feature of the platform is the ability to turn on job alerts to be notified when new internship positions appear on the website.

2.   Chegg Internships

The main benefit of this website is that it is specifically focused on internships. This makes your search so much easier as you can immediately browse summer internships, marketing internships, paid internships, or internships in Chicago. All offers are already sorted into separate categories for your convenience. You can also browse by keywords, location, compensation, commitment, and academic level.

Aside from allowing you to browse internships, the website offers tips and guides for students. They cover topics like how to write a resume or how to prepare for an interview. You can’t underestimate these steps. Make sure you put a lot of thought into your application. To have a stand-out cover letter, hire a professional custom writing service, and have experienced writers write my essay. This will double your chances of crafting a winning resume that will leave a lasting impression.

3.   Idealist

Idealist is a nonprofit organization founded in 1995. It is committed to helping people connect, act, and build a global community. Over the years, they provided hundreds of thousands of internships.

The website has a wide selection of options in different locations around the world. You can browse internships based on industry and company. What is unique about Idealist is that it allows you to filter by organization type (nonprofit, government, business, etc.), issue areas, and functions. You can also filter by language and compensation. On Idealist, you can find a rewarding internship and work to make a difference in the global community.

4.   SimplyHired

This platform is perfect for finding internships in your local area or remotely. It allows you to browse available offers and discover companies. SimplyHired doesn’t have many filters, but you can sort your search by job type, salary, and date.

The platform has a number of tools for job seekers, like a resume builder and samples. Use them to craft a winning resume before applying for an internship. Experts recommend creating it specifically for every role you are interested in. Edit it a few times to make sure it is thoughtful and concise. You can also ask professional writers to help you with this task.

5.   Glassdoor

The mission of Glassdoor is to help everyone find their dream job. It is a place where you can get transparent insights about internships and companies. These include ratings, reviews, salary reports, photos, and Q&As. With their help, you can find legit options and make the most of your time invested in an internship.

The website also makes annual lists of the best places to work. If you are not sure where you want to do an internship, you can rely on Glassdoor Economic Research and Blog to make an informed career choice.

6.   Indeed

Indeed is a popular website among job seekers. It includes various listings, so there are thousands of internship options. To find jobs in your city, simply enter your zip code, and it will save you a lot of time. You can also discover remote positions if your desired internship program is not available in your area. Filtering the offers by experience and education levels is also rather convenient.

The website provides useful resources to students like Career Explorer and Salary Calculator. Another handy feature is to get new internship programs emailed to you by saving your searches.

To Sum Up

An internship can be your stepping-stone to exciting opportunities. It is a great chance to learn and boost your employment prospects. Use these six websites to help you in your search and get a glimpse into an industry you feel passionate about.

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