Follow us in MEO's footsteps with the best Android TV box!

The various telecommunication operators in Portugal continue to fight for customers’ attention, pushing their offers to the limit. Now, NOS has finally decided to follow in MEO’s footsteps and already offers in its television packages the best Android TV box today, the NVIDIA Shield TV 4K.

This new trend finally leaves behind a terrible habit that operators had until recently, where they sent boxes to their customers that simply did not bring any benefits.

After the release of NVIDIA Shield in MEO packages, we already knew it would be just a matter of time before NOS also bet on this Android TV box. Now, through an official statement, the company has announced that its customers can now choose NVIDIA Shield TV for an additional cost of €4,99 (current customers).

To make this launch even more attractive, NOS decided to include in the offer 11 free months of Netflix subscription.

NOS Android TV NVIDIA Shield TV

NVIDIA Shield TV is the new flagship Android TV box in NOS packages

The operator took this opportunity to finally launch its official application for Android TV, offering “to the universe of Google users a premium TV experience, with a superior quality and an intuitive and fast browsing experience.”

“ NVIDIA Shield TV can now be integrated into NOS’ television packages as the main box, allowing you to view the best NOS content and enjoy all the features of this Android TV, with an innovative interface”

For those interested, the NOS Android TV box is already available in all NOS stores and also in the its official website. For new customers, the NOS 3 package (which integrates NVIDIA Shield TV) has a base cost of €27,98 a month. As for the 12 months’ offer of Netflix, it will be available until the December 7th.

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