For Julia Roberts, Her Family Life Is More Joyful than Her Career!

Actress Julia Roberts claims that her acting career “Never” engulfed her.

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Even while she acknowledged that her job in showbiz has been a “Dream come true,” she claimed in a recent interview that what provides her the most “Pleasure” is her home life.

The actress, who has son Henry, 15, and twins Phinnaeus and Hazel, both 17 years old, with the director of photography Daniel Moder, shared: “Being an actor has never absorbed me. Although it is my dream come true, it is not my only dream.

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“The life I’ve created with my husband, the life we’ve created with our kids. The best content is that. to proudly return home to them at the end of the day. That is my full-time job when I’m not working.

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Although it doesn’t always involve kittens and rainbows, it still makes me very happy “She went on.

The “Pretty Woman” actress took a sabbatical from acting in 2018 before making a comeback this year in “Ticket to Paradise,” costarring George Clooney. She revealed that she kept in touch with her family while she was away since she found emails to be “boring.
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She said the following on “CBS Sunday Morning”: “I sent out numerous letters. Email tends to be dull. Danny and I have always done it, but you don’t get the great stamps. I still have his seven-page first letter to me, which he penned, stashed somewhere.
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I’ll eventually show Hazel and tell her, “That’s what you’re looking for.”