Fox News Hosts Defend Kanye West, Then Backtrack After His Anti-Semitic Tweet!

The hosts of ” Fox & Friends Weekend ” questioned why Kanye West had to be “Shut down” before they learned about his antisemitic tweet on Sunday, which sparked a flurry of retraction later.

During a segment of their early Sunday morning program, co-hosts Will Cain, Pete Hegseth, and Rachel Campos-Duffy discussed Instagram’s decision to block Kanye West’s account, according to Mediaite.

Just hours before the Fox show, West lost access to his Twitter account after making the anti-Semitic comment that fellow rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs was under the control of Jews in a Friday Instagram post. West also threatened to “Go death con 3” on Jews.

The article was published less than a day after “Fox and Friends Weekend” co-host Ainsley Earhardt praised West for being “Really smart” in his bizarre interview with Tucker Carlson, which also featured criticism of Lizzo and Kim Kardashian and a conspiracy theory about school shootings.

Cain claimed that media outlets don’t provide “Supporting evidence” in their reporting of racist or antisemitic posts, despite admitting in the early hours of Sunday that he hadn’t “Seen” West’s posts.

Hegseth acknowledged that he was also unaware of what West had written on Instagram.

Campos-Duffy, however, first described a “Weird era where people can’t just say what they want to say” before going into detail about West’s Instagram post.

Campos-Duffy argued that the idea of simply deleting his account was “Totally totalitarian, totally anti-American, and it’s just wrong.”

On Sunday, the trio came back about two hours later to discuss Kanye West‘s antisemitic tweet and had a noticeably different perspective on his “Shocking” comments.

Hegseth said, “Unfortunate.

Cain added, “Pretty ugly.”

Hegseth stated, “We discussed it earlier without knowing about these tweets and said that of course, they’re going to put a target after what he said with Tucker, there’s going to be a target without a doubt.”

However, in this specific instance, he brought the target.