You Should Use These 10 Free CAD Programs, latest Updates!

 CAD is a computer-aided design and drafting software that allows engineers to create 3D models of their designs. It’s used in many industries, such as architecture, engineering, and construction. There are plenty of free CAD software programs available on the market today. Here are 10 of the best ones! You’ll be able to find your perfect program with these top 10 free CAD programs! You won’t have to worry about spending too much money or time trying out different programs before finding one that suits you. And if you’re not happy with any of them, there are always more options available online for purchase.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) has become an essential component that propels the world ahead. 1. It’s compatible with other computer-aided design software. Naturally, computer-aided design (CAD) programs have grown costly, especially because most individuals use them to create things. If you’re a student or a freelancer, the notion of purchasing pricey CAD software might seem unattainable. However, there is nothing to be concerned about since we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 free CAD software that is just as capable as their paid counterparts. Without another word, let’s look at the finest free CAD software available in 2021.

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Best FREE CAD Software in 2021

Here, we’ve put up a list of the top 10 free CAD tools that you may use in 2021. free applications and premium program Student edition. For example, if your institution employs a certain program, you’ll be able to utilize it.


FreeCAD is free and open-source CAD software that has been downloaded over 5 million times. It’s a popular choice among both novices and experts, as the name implies. If you have a basic understanding of CAD modeling, this program would be an excellent selection for you. Given its multi-purpose functionality and user-friendly design, FreeCAD may be enhanced by an educator or developer.

Despite being a free program, FreeCAD’s user interface is almost on par with professional CAD applications. It also has a lot of functionality. The Parametric Model is probably the most distinctive feature of FreeCAD. You can go back and make changes to your actions so that you get the greatest results possible. The software also has a modular design, allowing you to add extra features through plug-ins.

Its ability to be integrated into an app through Python modules also makes it quite useful from the standpoint of an advanced user. Other features of FreeCAD include the Robot Simulation module, which allows you to study robot movement, a rendering module for exporting your project to external renderers, and more. To summarize, if you’re seeking a free CAD program for novices, FreeCAD is an excellent option. It’s a free program that helps you make a video blog with ease. I’d say even professionals may utilize it, given the tools and features it provides.


Assume you’re at your pal’s house when you get a call to produce a simple 3D Model. You may not be able to open the files right away, because they need a more powerful computer than yours. But if you can get your PC with CAD software up and running quickly, you could save time by sharing its data with them. In such circumstances, Tinkercad has a solution. It’s a web-based solution for creating three-dimensional digital designs. The best feature of Tinkercad is that it does not require any prior knowledge, and it is entirely free.

This is not as feature-rich as other CAD software. However, Tinkercard is the ideal platform for creating models, especially 3D printing, if you’re looking for a basic tool to build them. Tinkercard is a third-party service that’s integrated with Unity and supports the Unreal Engine. It also has Autodesk 360 support, which means you can export directly from Unity to any Autodesk 360-compatible app on Windows or Mac.

The best part of Tinkercad is that it attracts kids into learning CAD. While the idea of a bunch of men discussing their manhood may not appear to be very appealing to young audiences, the lectures are entertaining. There’s a lot to comprehend. You may enhance your 3D design, electronics design, code blocks, and other skills. There are even lessons on how to make Minecraft models.

There is a gallery where you may discover what other users have created and shared. Tinkercad has a number of other tools that make it popular among hobbyists and professionals alike. It includes integration with 3D printing services, HTML5 support, and a powerful geometric library. Tinkercad is a wonderful online environment to learn about CAD, and it’s also ideal for 3D printing. Furthermore, when the service comes at no cost to you.

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LibreCAD is a 2D modeling program for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It’s not as popular as SolidWorks or Rhinoceros 3D, but it’s still a viable option if you’re looking for free CAD software. It’s an open-source and free CAD program that may be used for both personal and commercial projects. LibreCAD makes use of BRL-CAD’s libraries.

This software includes interactive geometry design, ray-tracing for rendering and analysis, a benchmark suite, and more. You can design geometric 2D patterns, circuit boards, mathematical figures, and so on in a very configurable interface, which is convenient. It can also export AutoCAD projects to XPRT format. It’s compatible with both DWG and DWF files, so you may easily import your saved projects from AutoCAD or other CAD applications.

You may also export your 2D design in DXF, SVG, and PDF formats. LibreCAD also supports plugins, so you may add more sophisticated features simply by downloading a third-party plugin. If you’re searching for a free CAD program for novices who want to learn 2D drafting, LibreCAD is the finest option.

You Should Use These 10 Free CAD Programs, latest Updates!


If you’re okay with using a textual description language to generate 3D CAD designs, OpenSCAD might be an effective free CAD program for you. There are several instances where you would require one of these interfaces, especially if you work in a business environment. When you model things in OpenSCAD, you’ll need to be as detailed as possible, and you may discover how beneficial it is.

The program comes with a lengthy document that explains the guidelines to follow when providing descriptions. It includes a lot of documentation, which will come in handy eventually, especially if you’re just getting started.

The user interface is developer-focused, so if you’re fine with it, you may use OpenSCAD. OpenSCAD is accessible on Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms. OpenSCAD is CAD software that has recently exploded in popularity. OpenSCAD allows you to create anything from 3D printed toys to sophisticated-looking climbing hardware, and everything in between. All things considered, however, it’s not as easy as simply typing some code into your text editor of choice and clicking “Run.” While writing code may appear, However, this implies that it is not suitable for beginners. This course is not for you if you are just getting started with CAD.

ZBrushCoreMini (Earlier Sculptris)

ZBrushCoreMini is a free 3D modeling and sculpting program that’s available for download. It’s created by Pixologic, one of the world’s major manufacturers. Given that you understand the fundamentals of creative designing, the software has a professional user interface and can be learned by virtually anybody in a shorter time frame.

There are several characteristics on this page that can aid you in your design process. There’s also support for both ZBrush navigation and normal level navigation.

ZBrushCore generates a wide range of textures and materials. It also has an impressive library of models, including characters, animals, vehicles, and more. ZBrushCoreMini is the best version for most users because it supports plugins as well as modeling features such as bones and softness. Furthermore, the official site has some sculpting and design-related tools. For a modest fee, you may use this CAD software on your computer to design and 3D print parts. It’s compatible with Microsoft Windows and macOS computers with at least 1 GB RAM.

Aside from the fact that Sculptris has outstanding 3D modeling capabilities, additional features include the GoZ button, which allows you to exchange your mesh to ZBrush; Dynamic Tessellation; Immersive Interface; Projection Painting; and more. To summarize, if you’re looking for free CAD software for beginners, ZBrushCoreMini is an excellent choice. It’s also able to produce 3D objects quite effectively.


SketchUp is a professional-grade 3D modeling program that’s used in a variety of industries, including interior design, architecture, engineering, video game design development, and so on. SketchUp is a paid program, but it provides a free tier for personal and school users. The free service, on the other hand, is only accessible through its online platform.

You can create 3D models, render them, and save your project as a DWG file. SketchUp’s open-source library of model assemblies and 3D Warehouse, a large enough collection of 3D models uploaded by other users, are among the most prominent modifications.

It’s simple and easy to use, and not only does it help you keep track of your time spent on non-work tasks, but also gives you a way to analyze the performance of specific programs. It’s compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows and macOS. And because it was designed in Ruby, it supports add-ons as well. SketchUp’s Extension Warehouse is a significant component for people who need greater productivity. SketchUp Pro is also available for download. Furthermore, if you want to use the program’s native app, SketchUp Pro is a free 30-day trial that you may check out. So, there’s plenty of time to investigate it before purchasing it.

Overall, SketchUp Now is a fantastic program for both novices and experts. If Tinkercard isn’t sophisticated enough for your needs, Sketchup is the ideal choice since it includes more powerful features without restricting access to the web.

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Fusion 360

For those unaware, Autodesk’s Fusion 360 is a computer-aided design (CAD) program. It’s available for free to anybody to use so that students, creators, and even amateurs can make use of it. As a result, it’s one of the greatest apps for students. Fusion 360 emphasizes creating concepts first, making it an excellent tool for learning. You’ll need to master the fundamentals of 3D Design & Modeling, Simulation, Generative Design, and other areas.

The best thing about Fusion 360 is that it allows you to do everything from one location. 3D designs, render challenging mechanical structures, create bespoke toolpaths, execute simulations, collaborate over the cloud, and more.

Moreover, you may move your project to CAM or CAE software in the future with ease. That’s awesome, right? You can also connect design elements from different projects, create a prototype, and even produce on a single platform.

That’s the coolest thing about a program built on Autodesk Automotive Software. Fusion 360 is excellent free CAD software that’s suitable for both novices and professionals. If you’re a novice in the field, this program will be your guide.


When it comes to 3D modeling, AutoCAD certainly doesn’t need an introduction. It has been a business standard for many years in the 3D modeling industry. It’s a premium program, but you may get it for free if you obtain a one-year student license. AutoCAD is also part of the Autodesk family, and it’s extremely pricey, making it out of reach for most students. The company, on the other hand, is well aware that if students are unable to use AutoCAD, they will not be able to learn it. That will have a long-term detrimental effect on sales as those students become professionals and entrepreneurs.

In its student edition, AutoCAD has all of the features. Although this CAD software is more expensive than AutoCAD’s $200-per-month subscription, it is still a great bargain for students. You may develop intricate structures, a variety of metal designs, and test them in the program. AutoCAD’s collection of sophisticated tools and pallets is staggering.

AutoCAD comes with a comprehensive guidebook for newcomers and experts, which you may access from the AutoCAD website. It also offers a wealth of tutorials, sample files, online training videos, and training courses. In addition, AutoCAD provides enough documentation to help you get started and learn the basic and advanced features of the program. If you’re a student, I strongly suggest you consider AutoCAD since it’s free and has a lot of capabilities.


Onshape is CAD software that’s known for having a fantastic design repository and assemblies. Onshape is a cloud-based design platform, unlike other software programs that are standalone desktop applications. You may create sophisticated solid and surface models without fear of losing your work.

All of your activities are instantly saved to the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about data loss. Onshape is a web-based platform, so all of your actions are immediately saved to the cloud, ensuring against data loss. Loss of design development is a major problem in computer-aided design systems as the project grows over time. With the addition of Onshape’s features, you may modify your designs in numerous ways. You can also access to a wide range of CAD training courses at no cost. parts, constructions, and drawings.

You may generate highly organized and detailed configurations from the tool’s extensive architecture design database. For drawing, you may easily import Autodesk DWG, DWF, or DXF files if you worked with the program previously.

You’re probably thinking that Onshape is a high-end program with a steep price tag, so why are we suggesting it? The program is accessible to kids, instructors, and hobbyists for free. So, there you have it. What more do you want? A powerful cloud-based program with all of the most recent design tools. Onshape, in some respects, is one of the finest free CAD applications on the market right now.

You Should Use These 10 Free CAD Programs, latest Updates!

10. nanoCAD

NanoCAD is not entirely free, but it is considerably less expensive than its competition. That is why it’s on this list. It’s a low-cost 2D and 3D design program that includes sophisticated drawing and modeling capabilities.

This software covers all bases, whether you work in architecture, manufacturing, or mechanical engineering. The best thing about nanoCAD is that it’s fully compatible with the DWG file format. In case you decide to relocate your project in the future, this functionality will come in handy.

nanoCAD provides a robust set of engineering tools, including product lifecycle management features that help you handle marketing campaigns. It can assist firms that frequently develop comparable items without having to go through the painful drafting procedure.

It is not an internet-based, remote 3D modeling software. In addition, it is an offline program. Those who enjoy using desktop software will appreciate its appearance and traditional toolbar design. To summarize, nanoCAD is an excellent alternative for individuals who are prepared to pay a one-time charge of $180 rather than a monthly or yearly membership.

To construct 3D masterpieces, use these free CAD apps.

These are the free 2D or 3D parametric modeling tools you may utilize to make your designs. I attempted to include both simple and approachable CAD software as well as some professional tools that would need a little study. There are several useful applications that may be downloaded for free. However, if you feel we overlooked any excellent CAD software, please let us know in the comments below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there free AutoCAD software that I can download?

There are several free CAD programs available, as you can see on this list. Furthermore, if you’re interested in AutoCAD, you may get it for free. So, if you have a student email ID, you’re ready to go right away with AutoCAD’s free software.

Is FreeCAD really free?

Yes, FreeCAD is a completely free CAD program that is extremely powerful and feature-rich, making it one of our top picks for this list. All of this is free and comes with the software. There are plugins, among other features.

Is there a less expensive alternative to Autodesk?

AutoCAD is the most popular CAD software in the world, but it’s prohibitively pricey at $200 a month. There are, however, several inexpensive and even free AutoCAD alternatives on this list such as FreeCAD, among others. AutoCAD may also be used by students for free.


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