Gabbey Windey and Rachel Recchia on The Difficult Bachelorette Cuts!

Although Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey acknowledge it was a risk to postpone The Bachelorette’s first rose ceremony of season 19, they also believe it was important.

Recchia and Windey asked the 29 remaining men to continue on to the following week during Monday’s season premiere, during which they only requested magician Robert “Roby” Sobieski and twins Justin and Joey Young to leave.

The ladies, who spoke exclusively to PEOPLE, said that’s just one of the ways producers thoughtfully accommodated their special situation as co-leads this season, even if it occasionally required letting them reconsider established Bachelorette traditions.

Because the women didn’t want to “do a disservice surely to ourselves or the other males,” Windey, 31, told PEOPLE at Tuesday’s WNBA game between the Los Angeles Sparks and Washington Mystics in Los Angeles, the rare decision to bypass the customary first-night eliminations took place.

She questioned, “What if there’s a connection there that we didn’t have time to truly develop because we simply relied on instincts?” Therefore, we were probably just taking advantage of the logistics and the flexibility this program gave us this time around because there were two Bachelorettes.

The lack of a rose ceremony on night one, according to Recchia, “would have been unheard of in the past, and they were very prepared to let us explore and truly have control in the sense of taking it into our own hands.”

Gabbey Windey and Rachel Recchia on The Difficult Bachelorette Cuts!

Additionally, both Bachelorettes admitted to PEOPLE that they don’t regret evicting Roby, 33, and the 24-year-old twins on Monday during the season premiere. Additionally, despite the fact that the coming season would be “full of hard decisions,” Windey claimed that the duo is still content with the decisions they made.

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It ultimately came down to “relying on your gut and your intuition” for her and Recchia.
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Recchia, 26, made an apparent allusion to Roby, Justin, and Joey’s time as competitors on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, saying, “Roby, Justin, and Joey are fantastic men, but ultimately, we know what it’s like to kind of be strung along in a manner.

“We, therefore, place a high value on recognizing problems as soon as they arise. And that is simply something that we have maintained throughout the season.

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For viewers, Recchia and Windey’s adventures as Bachelorettes have only just begun. Nevertheless, the co-stars of season 19 told PEOPLE that their special time spent together on the show has only boosted their friendship. In the interview, Windey even referred to Recchia and herself as “each other’s safety nets.”

Recchia told PEOPLE, “Unfortunately, Gabby can’t get rid of me. “We’ve seen it come back together twice after going through something no one can even begin to understand.”

And since it’s such a special circumstance, Windey added, “I just think we’re so lucky to have each other because you can’t really relate to a lot of people on it.” Therefore, it is vital to have someone by my side who is fully aware of what occurred and how I am feeling.

The co-leads of the 19th season of The Bachelorette went one step further when asked if they would attend each other’s weddings and suggested that they tie the knot simultaneously.

When asked about getting married at the same time as Recchia, Windey responded, “Yeah, let’s make it easy.” Recchia continued, “We’ll walk each other down the aisle.

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