Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss: Shedding Pounds with Determination and Success!

Gabriel Jess Iglesias, an accomplished American actor, and stand-up comedian, was born on July 15, 1976. His multiple stand-up specials, which have been aired on several television networks including Comedy Central and Netflix, have helped him become more well-known. Some noteworthy specials include “I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy” and “Hot & Fluffy.” Iglesias has a great career in stand-up comedy and has also appeared in live-action and animated movies and TV shows.

He is most known for playing Tobias in the 2012 film “Magic Mike” and its 2015 follow-up. Iglesias also provided the voice of Speedy Gonzales in the movie “Space Jam: A New Legacy.” Additionally, he has served as the presenter of programs including “Stand Up Revolution” on Comedy Central and “Fluffy’s Food Adventures” on Fuse. A tribute to his extensive success and appeal, Gabriel Iglesias earned the distinction of being among the top 10 highest-paid comedians in the world in 2018.

Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss

gabriel iglesias weight loss

After learning that he had Type 2 diabetes, comedian and larger-than-life personality Gabriel Iglesias undertook a substantial weight loss makeover. He significantly altered his diet and workout routine after realizing the necessity for healthy living. Gabriel focused on eating healthier by cutting off bread, sweets, and sugary drinks from his meals.

He also promised himself that he would go to the gym on a regular basis. It is important to note that Gabriel had already shed an incredible 117 pounds in 2015, demonstrating his commitment to bettering his health. Although he has not made his current routine’s specifics public, it is clear that he has worked hard to make this change.

When Gabriel started having health problems related to his weight, such as high blood sugar levels and a lack of self-control, it was about 2013 or 2014. His dedication to making improvements has not only improved his physical health but also acts as an example for those who want to lead healthier lives.

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Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss Before and After

After learning that he had Type 2 diabetes, acclaimed American comedian Gabriel Iglesias started a serious weight loss effort. He changed his diet and exercise regimen because he was driven to get healthier. He had already lost an astonishing 117 pounds in 2015.

Gabriel started out at over 430 pounds in 2013, but his dedication to shedding weight led to his losing over 100 pounds by 2015. He also lost an extra 50 pounds throughout the pandemic by changing his eating habits and upping his exercise program.

After encountering health issues due to his weight, Gabriel Iglesias realized the necessity for a lifestyle change and sought medical counsel. Gabriel chose to lose weight naturally rather than having gastric bypass surgery, despite his doctor’s recommendation. He devoted himself to changing his diet and adding exercise to his routine instead of having surgery.

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Personal Life

gabriel iglesias weight loss

Iglesias has resided in Whittier, California, since 2010. He had a committed relationship with Claudia Valdez, with whom he shares Frankie, a stepson. He still has a close relationship with Frankie, whom he raised, despite the breakup.

Iglesias claims that at his heaviest, when he weighed 445 pounds (202 kilograms), he was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and that his doctor gave him two years to live since his blood sugar consistently spiked to over 300 mg/dl (16.6 mmol/L). He claimed that after learning he only had two years to live, the shock caused him to rethink how he cared for himself, and he made the decision to lose weight to assure his continuous presence in his family’s lives.

Iglesias talked about how difficult it was to adopt a healthier lifestyle. He related how a specialist told him that because of his busy touring schedule, he was ineligible for bariatric surgery. Instead, he turned to weightlifting, Diamond Dallas Page Yoga, and a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet, which allowed him to lose over 100 pounds (45 kilograms). Iglesias has also battled alcoholism and melancholy, which he partly attributes to fatigue from his busy touring schedule.