Game of Thrones Star Dating Elon Musk’s Ex Wife- Here Check out All the Latest Updates!!

game of thrones star dating elon musk's ex wife

Thomas Brodie-Sangster, also known as Thomas Sangster, is an English actor who was born on May 16, 1990. He is best known for his roles as Sam in Love Actually (2003), Simon in Nanny McPhee (2005), Ferb in Phineas and Ferb (2007–2015), Jojen Reed in Game of Thrones (2013–2014), Newt in the Maze Runner film series (2014–2018), and Benny Watts in the Netflix miniseries The Queen’s Gambit (2020), for which he received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited

Brodie-reputation Sangster developed as a result of his roles in critically acclaimed cult films such as Death of a Superhero (2011), Bright Star (2009), and Nowhere Boy as Paul McCartney (2009). In the 2010–2012 television series Accused, he played Jake Murray. He also appeared in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) as a First Order officer, played Whitey Winn in the Netflix miniseries Godless (2017) and voiced John Tracy in Thunderbirds Are Go (2015–2020).

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Elon Musk’s Ex-Wife Is Dating Game of Thrones Star Thomas Brodie-Sangster

game of thrones star dating elon musk's ex wife

Today in thoroughly warmed-over celebrity romance news, Game of Thrones star Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who played the mysterious Jojen Reed on HBO’s show, is dating Talulah Riley, who has a pretty robust acting career (she played the host Angela in the first two seasons of Westworld), but is probably best known for being married to a billionaire and new Twitter business daddy Elon Musk, first in 2010 and then again in 2013.

Musk and Riley have already been divorced twice. Riley walked out with Brodie-Sangster at the BAFTAs in March, so they’re probably not getting back together anytime soon: Would you be scared if you were dating the ex-girlfriend of a billionaire? I believe I would. I’d be worried that they were spying on me with a camera-equipped robot bird or something. Or that I’d wake up on their space station one day for a severe lecture; you know how they operate.

Thomas Brodie-Early Sangster’s Years

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Thomas Brodie-Sangster was born in Southwark, London, on May 16, 1990, to Mark Sangster and Tasha Bertram. Brodie-father Sangster hails from the Scottish town of Banchory. He has a younger sister. Brodie-Sangster plays bass and guitar, and in the feature film Nowhere Boy, he learned to play left-handed guitar to play as Paul McCartney. For his role in Love Actually, he also learned to play the drums (2003).

Thomas Brodie-Professional Sangster’s Life

Brodie-Sangster made his acting debut in the BBC television film Station Jim in 2001. He went on to star in a few more television movies, including Bobbie’s Girl, The Miracle of the Cards (based on Craig Shergold’s story), and Stig of the Dump.

For his role in the miniseries Entrusted, he received the “Golden Nymph” award at the 43rd Annual Monte Carlo Television Festival. Love Actually (2003) was Brodie-first Sangster’s major theatrical film, in which he played Sam. For his role in the film, he was nominated for a Golden Satellite Award and a Young Artist Award.

game of thrones star dating elon musk's ex wife

Brodie-Sangster then starred in a television adaptation of the novel Feather Boy and in the film Tristan & Isolde is a younger version of James Franco’s Tristan. In the film, Brodie-Sangster participates in a (child’s) sword fight, among other things. Brodie-Sangster then played the eldest of seven children in the commercially successful film Nanny McPhee (2005).

Talulah Jane Riley-Biography Milburn’s

Talulah Jane Riley-Milburn is an English actress who was born on September 26, 1985. She has acted in films such as Pride & Prejudice (2005), St Trinian’s (2007), St Trinian’s 2: The Legend of Fritton’s Gold (2009), and The Boat That Rocked (2009), and Inception (2009). (2010). Riley starred as Angela in the HBO science-fiction Western series Westworld (2016–2018).

Talulah’s Personal Life Riley-Milburn, Jane

Riley started dating Elon Musk in 2008, and the two married in 2010 in Dornoch Cathedral in Scotland.

Musk ended his four-year relationship with Riley in January 2012 and filed for divorce in March 2012.

Musk and Riley, on the other hand, remarried in July 2013. The couple said they had reunited and were living together again in a 60 Minutes interview in 2014, together with Musk’s five children from his first marriage to writer Justine Musk.

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Musk filed for divorce for the second time on December 31, 2014, but the move was withdrawn. Riley filed for a second divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court on March 21, 2016, after living apart for six months. In October 2016, the divorce was finalized.

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