Games Like 2048 but Bigger and Better

‘Help! When 2048 originally appeared online in early 2014, I recall hearing a lot of “I can’t stop playing 2048,” “2048 Game is the most addictive game I have ever played,” and “Evil, EVIL game” tweets. I still go back to this game whenever I’m feeling restless since I enjoyed it so much. While I’m a fan of the basic style of this game, I still wanted to explore the numerous possibilities this game has provided. I tried every 2048 clone and variant there is and compiled a list of my favorites. I say we look into it.

Games like 2048

1. Dotsup

games like 2048

First, we’ll play a game that’s true to the spirit of 2048. Dotsup is a brainteaser that requires you to use creative problem-solving skills. The game ditches the standard 44 grid in favor of more novel patterns with a clear objective. Instead of numbers, you’ll see dotted squares that add together to become larger tiles. You should strive for the quickest possible solution. If you’re a fan of the game 2048, you’ll really enjoy this one.

2. Shoot n Merge

games like 2048

2048 meets the classic bubble shooter in this game in which you must fire numbers into a decreasing grid. It takes advantage of the mechanics in order to provide a novel idea. Numbered tiles are shot and stuck to the upper grid. When two adjacent tiles have the same value, they combine to form a single tile with the higher value.

Your objective is to complete tile 2048 before the grid collapses to its lowest possible level. The fact that the tiles may combine in both directions is a fascinating and unique feature. If you have a lot of identical tiles, it will automatically combine them all for you.

3. Age of 2048

games like 2048

Another approach to 2048 that becomes beneficial. Age of 2048 is a variant of the theme that replaces the number with symbols representing ancient civilizations. Ultimately, you want to advance civilization by establishing a thriving metropolis. Start with merging flames to form a tribal house, combine those to become a tribe, then a village, then a city, and so on. The game is entertaining and educational at the same time.

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4. Dead 2048

games like 2048

In this Tower Defense + 2048 variation, the Zombies have invaded, and you must construct a tower to protect your home. Zombies have invaded a farm that has 16 blocks and a doorway. Swipe and combine the defensive towers to form a wall that will keep the zombies at bay.

You’d have to make smart use of the available materials to avoid cluttering the tower with unnecessary tiles. At times, hordes of zombies will descend onto the towers, at which point you may simply drop a tower on them to eliminate them. So, why do you linger? Get to work on the skyscraper already.

5. Impossible Nine

games like 2048

Is it difficult to make a 2048 tile, in your opinion? Well, If you can reach double digits on this game then I would consider a Pro. Impossible Nine is a variation on the game 2048 with some new twists on the rules. You only upgrade to the next number when three tiles with the same value have at least one side touching each other.

You can move certain tiles to their desired location on the 5×4 board, so long as there is a free path there. Higher-value tiles can be stacked for later use, while lower-value tiles can be merged to produce a high score.

6. Kitty Cat Island

games like 2048

Picture yourself on a desolate island where fish is your sole source of food. Doesn’t seem very appealing, does it? Now, imagine being a cat. It’s an absolute wonderland, no exaggeration. Play the timeless 2048 game and aid the kitties in their fish-gathering quest! When you combine the two tiles below, the cats get a fish. In order to succeed, you must catch as many fish as possible.

There are a few improvements over other 2048 clones that set this one apart. Use the net to get rid of any extraneous tiles, the fishing rod to get rid of a trapped one, and the inversion tool to swap it with a tile next to it. If you’ve ever struggled to get to 2048, these tools will get you there quickly.

7. 2048 Hexagon

games like 2048

So, you’ve played 2048, and you don’t believe that the goal score is a challenge? Then you should use a Hexagonal grid. 2048 Hexagon has the same gameplay as the original, but with updated visuals. It is played on a hexagonal board as opposed to the standard square Grid.

Instead of swiping the tiles about the board, you’ll be dragging and dropping them into place. If you don’t set the tiles in order and combine them, the game quickly becomes difficult. Nonetheless, you’d spend countless hours aiming for the top score.

8. 2048 Bricks

games like 2048

You may verify the existence of the Tetris Effect for yourself, and its influence has spread to 2048, which, in my opinion, combines the greatest features of both games. The tetromino shape is replaced by a square tile that falls to the ground. The objective is to combine tiles of equal value till you reach 2048. Similar to Tetris, new tiles will drop from above, forcing you to swiftly clear the board of obstructions before it’s too late. I can’t stress this enough: Go ahead and press play.

9. Hexic 2048

games like 2048

I realize that we have already discussed a hexagonal version of 2048, but this one is slightly different. This game is a 2048 ripoff played on a hexagonal grid. You still play by swiping tiles, exactly like in the original 2048, and the controls and gameplay remain the same. If you want to get better at the game 2048, you should play it.

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10. 2048 Chromecast

games like 2048

When you’re feeling down because you can’t seem to get to 2048, it helps to take a step back and consider the broader picture. Instead, you may get a more comprehensive view by mirroring your smartphone’s display on a Chromecast. While it’s true that you can cast any game on the Chromecast, this one is made to be played exclusively on the large screen with your smartphone serving as a remote control. Technology!