12 Best GarageBand Alternatives for Android like music maker

12 Best GarageBand Alternatives

The Beatles recorded their songs at EMI’s Abbey Road studio in the 60s, using a twin-track vacuum-tube machine. There was little opportunity for overdubbing, and the sessions were like live shows. In a nutshell, the legendary Fab Four recorded all of their early songs perfectly in one take. Because they had to repeat everything from the beginning, they might make a mistake that would set them back time and money.

Kids today can replicate those recording sessions using a smartphone and without a musical instrument, as many times as they wish. In the age of mobile apps, anyone may bring a recording studio with virtually infinite tracks in his/her pockets.

GarageBand is the original music creation software for the masses, and it remains unparalleled to this day. Unfortunately, GarageBand for iOS is (and will continue to be) only available for iPhones and iPads. If you’re a contemporary singer that doesn’t want to get involved with Apple loops, there are GarageBand alternatives for Android that you might consider.

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In 2020, here are some of the best GarageBand alternatives.

Magix Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam allows you to construct songs by combining loops, which are short musical sections that you may repeat. As a result of the name, the program creates music by joining loops. There are over 100 music genres to choose from, as well as an 8-channel mixer with plenty of room to express your inventiveness.

The application also allows you to record outside voices, so you may incorporate your singing, rapping, or other sounds into your song.

After you’ve finished recording your song, you may distribute it to the rest of the world using the sharing option. In the Music Maker community, you may discover new music made by other users.

n-Track Studio Music DAW is a popular music production software.

The $60 n-Track Studio Music DAW app promises to turn your Android device into a comprehensive recording studio. The program may be used to record and replay both audio and MIDI recordings. Users may use this feature to add and remix audio tracks, as well as apply audio processing to improve the overall recording quality.

The app allows you to record in both mono and stereo, with support for an infinite number of tracks (11 tracks are limited in the free version). The Korg Phantom II focuses on programmable features, which include a 128-note keyboard with aftertouch and graded Hammer Action keys. It also has an integrated MIDI synth equipped with 128 General MIDI instrument sounds, as well as a piano roll MIDI editor, step sequencer, spectrum analyzer, and more.

When it comes to effects, you can utilize a variety of supported effects, including reverb, echo, chorus, flanger, tremolo, pitch shift, and phaser. The Korg nanoKontrol 2 also includes a 64-bit double-precision floating-point audio engine, which is not available in many Android DAW programs. Overall, this is one of the most feature-rich GarageBand alternatives for Android.

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Walk Band

The I Like Music Maker is one of the most popular GarageBand alternatives for Android. It’s got all of GarageBand’s features, including synthesizers, instruments, and high-quality recording. You may choose up to 50 instruments in the app. The Apple Watch can open doors for your brand by allowing your customers to play music right from their wrist. The iWatch has the ability to bring in new consumers who are looking for an exciting way to express themselves. The Fossil Sport band was chosen as Editor’s Choice on the Google Play Store. You may play the piano, keyboard, drum pad, and guitar in both solo and chord modes. Furthermore, the fact that you may link a USB MIDI device keyboard to your smartphone and Walk Band will recognize it makes it a full substitute for GarageBand. That’s amazing, right? You may also record your voice and mix it with a synthesizer, alter the track, and so on. Walk Band is fully equipped to assist you in practically any situation.


It is capable of creating entirely new music on the Android platform. It’s still in beta, but it’s life now. In terms of music editing and GarageBand, it’s almost there. You may record, edit, and create multi-track music with a variety of creative effects including beats, vocals, loops, and most importantly hundreds of sound packs using BandLab. BandLab includes a comparable collection and it’s completely free. As for the sort of music you may produce, BandLab can be a trailblazer in your musical journey if you enjoy EDM, dubstep, house, rock, hip-hop, and other similar genres.

BandLab also has a social network for musicians, where you can publish your songs, interact with other beatmakers, and create something new for your audience. BandLab is a popular music collaboration platform. To put it plainly, BandLab is very ambitious in scope, and you should certainly give it a go.

Song Maker

The software’s name is Song Maker, not MP3 Maker or MP4 to make it clear that it creates instrumental tracks. It’s intended for musicians who want to compose their own music rather than using pre-recorded material like vocals and beats/rhythms. It’s similar to GarageBand in that it’s a music composition program with many modern tools. You may also produce music on Song Maker by combining a variety of sounds, rhythms, melodies, and beats. Of course, you may also record your voice and include it to the song. The Bangarang library of music includes Bass, Hip Hop, Metal, Drums, and DJ beats. You also get a live music editor that lets you alter sounds and loops. To summarize, I would highly recommend Song Maker to anyone who enjoys EDM, pop music, or Hip Hop.

x loops Music Studio

Boomerang is free music-making software with an interface designed for both novices and experienced users. It has nearly every song-making feature you’ll ever need, but it also allows you to customize the program’s user interface to your liking. The Boomerang Music Studio provides several sound effects that can assist in supporting styles like hip- The program offers a variety of features, such as a free loop sequencer, sampler, beatmaker, mixer, soundboards, and more.

While GarageBand is undoubtedly the best music-production program for users of Apple computers, DAWs, and iPads, it’s not as powerful as Apple Music Recorder or Pro Tools. However, it excels at creating music for the genres that it aims to. The app includes more than 200 sample projects, which is enough to get anyone started. You can compose your own songs with your favorite drum beats or synthesizer or any other instrument you choose.

It also includes support for audio effects such as chorus, flanger, distorter, bit crusher, and more. If you’ve already recorded your song and just want to apply the final touches, you may simply import it into the app and start working with it. All popular audio formats, including WAV, OGG, AIF, and MP3, are capable of playing in both mono and stereo. There’s also a fantastic community around the software, which is particularly welcome for novices. I had a lot of fun using this program, and it’s well worth your time.

Caustic 3

It’s a virtual rack mount synthesizer or instruments, as the developer dubbed it. You might slide the sidebar up and down to move between machines, or you may select one to play with by pressing the machine pad.

The mixer produces a variety of frequencies, rhythms, and effects. Virtual keyboards are used to generate the tones and provide a range of effects, parametric equalizers are available for further shaping the songs, and sequencers are provided to modify them. The app is ideal for an electronic musician, but it’s overstimulating for those who don’t play in that genre.

The limited demo, which is otherwise completely functional, lacks the capability to save and export. By purchasing an unlock key, the complete version is accessible.

FL Studio

A lot of people who use FL Studio on Android devices are starting to make music. The PC edition features a different version. It has over 100,000 sounds, including 133 high-quality instrument kits and sliced-loop beats with customizable settings. There are several tools for making music, including Limiter, Reverb, Delay, EQ, Amp, and Mix; as well as 99-track sequencers and simple editing choices.

All editable screens are undoable and redoable during the sessions. The program can also export and import midi files, as well as share your music via email, Dropbox, or other compatible cloud storage sites.

Extreme Digital Studios is an independent game developer established in 2004. It has studios in Canada, the United States, Israel, and Ukraine. The company specializes in creating action games for mobile devices including an original version of N.O.V.A 3D Platformer 2 which was released on Google Play on August 6th, along with an updated version of The music latency, on the other hand, is determined by your device’s computational power. FL Studio is the most popular digital audio workstation (DAW) on PC, however, it’s the only one that works well enough on Android. It’s one of the greatest GarageBand alternatives available for Android.

Audio Evolution

Another multi-track recording studio with a comparable process to Walk Band, but geared towards more experienced users, is Digital Audio Evolution. You may improve the quality of your recording by utilizing the microphone on your device or additional external microphones for better results. You can also record a song using an external midi keyboard instead of the built-in piano roll.

The app’s midi sequencer, import audio and midi support, sample and loop usage, limitless undo/redo, and more are just some of the features available. You can also export your song as high-quality audio or the compressed, web-friendly version.

This app, as the name implies, is strongly influenced by music loops. There are a plethora of loops that may be combined using a multi-track mixer.

J4T Multitrack Recorder

If you’re searching for a simpler music-making software, J4T Multitrack Recorder is worth checking out. This app is a simple four-track recorder designed for songwriters. It’s built to store song ideas, demos, and sound sketches immediately and simply, whenever those muses decide to pay a visit.

You may play jam sessions with pre-recorded loops. There are several parameters that you may use to modify the sound of your music, including Fuzz, Chorus, Delay, Equalizer, Reverb, and Phaser. You may also publish your work on SoundCloud, Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox, and other supported platforms.

After all, you’re not limited to just four tracks. In comparison to other applications that have a large number of songs, it may appear as if there are limits.

 Drum Pad Machine

The last app on our list of the finest GarageBand alternatives for Android is Drum Pad Machine. The goal of this track is to make beats and combine them with your own music or vocals. You may compose music from your thoughts or pick up new rhythms from the app’s tracks with the machine soundboard. To summarize, it isn’t a full substitute for GarageBand, but you can pick up the basics of making beats, melodies, and mixing. There are libraries of chords, sound effects, piano, and guitar to help you blend your beat with the appropriate chords. you don’t even need to download any software. Furthermore, it allows you to create mixtapes, record sounds, compose songs, and more. If you’re a fan of beatboxing and other related genres such as hip-hop and Dubstep, I highly recommend Drum Pad Machine for Android.

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GarageBand Alternatives for Android can help you record your next song.

There are many Android music production applications available, but only a few of them should be attempted. Please suggest any other GarageBand alternatives you like in the comments area below if they aren’t listed here. Last but not the least, if you’re searching for free music samples to get started on your project.

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