Genshin Impact: Characters, Ages, Birthday, Height, Complete Info!

The Genshin Impact is a new card game that takes place in an alternate timeline where the world has been invaded by monsters. Players take on the role of one of four heroes who are trying to defeat these invaders and save humanity from extinction. The game features a unique blend of strategy, luck, and cooperative gameplay. You can play with up to three other people or go solo against AI opponents for hours of fun! It’s easy enough for kids to learn but challenging enough for adults too.

Genshin Impact is one of the most played Teyvat RPG titles. You play as a hero called Big Boi who must battle monsters, solve riddles, and explore the world’s mysteries in order to save his village from the evil blacksmith. You may play the game by picking Lumine or Aether, and on your journey to discover Teyvat’s gorgeous environment, you will meet several fascinating individuals who will join your team.

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There are a lot of people you’ll like in the game. Each figure has his or her own distinct style and talent, as well as a unique narrative to share with you. The game isn’t even a year old, and the developers have already introduced a lot of new characters. The background of all the characters has been expanded in the game’s lore. The Genshin Impact manga will conclude in Japan, but it is airing in English on CNZ. You may know about the characters even after the conclusion of the manga.

The birth date, age, and height of all Genshin impact individuals are listed below. The majority of the information is based on the character’s entry in the game, with the rest being wild speculations made by hardcore Genshin Impact fans. Furthermore, the list is organized alphabetically, making it simple for you to keep track of your character.

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Genshin Impact Character Age and Birthday

As of now, there are 40 characters in Genshin Impact. The majority of the information in the list is based on player comparisons. Some are based on the wild Genshin Impact gaming fantasies of die-hard fans.

Genshin Impact

Teyvat is continuously being developed. They have recently introduced Inazuma, the land of eternity. Inazuma was first revealed to the players in Inazuma Eleven GO by Kamisato Ayaka. The gamers are eager to explore the area, and it has introduced a few new characters into the game.


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