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English Television Personality Joey Essex Finally Reveals He’s Dating Georgie Purves! Check The Full Story Here

Georgie Purves Is she dating

Georgie Purves Is she dating

This year, Joey and Georgie have been dating and were recently seen vacationing in Ibiza together.

On This Morning, Joey Essex claimed to be single, but now he has admitted to being in a relationship with Georgie Purves.

After being grilled by Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about his personal life, the ex-Towie singer finally opened up about his current relationship with Georgie.

What’s going on in your love life right now? Are you single?” Holly inquired.

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In response to Holly’s question, Joey said, “I’m single, but I’m seeing someone.”

There is no way Joey is going to stay in the house alone, is there? “I’m always looking for a partner.”

Holly then inquired, “Is it one individual or a group?”

“She is Georgie, isn’t she?” Phillip said. He then embarrassed laughed and continued, “I don’t know actually.”

Joey appeared to be confused at the identity of his rumored love interest as he asked, “Who?” before realizing his error and said, “Oh Georgie, yeah, she’s a nice girl.”

The question of whether or not she was the one he was seeing kept coming up, and Phillip continued pressing him on it.

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Laughing, Joey added, “Yeah, I’m seeing her, too.”

While on a vacation in Ibiza earlier this month, the two seemed like they were head over heels in love.

Georgie and Joey made their relationship public in May when they appeared together at the London premiere of Joey’s new clothing line.

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