Gervonta Davis and Floyd Mayweather Relationship- Gervonta Davis Criticizes Floyd Mayweather, Saying the Boxer Is Envious of Him!

gervonta davis and floyd mayweather relationship

Gervonta Davis (/drvnte/ jr-VON-tay; born November 7, 1994) is a professional boxer from the United States. In addition to the WBA (Regular) lightweight title, he has held the IBF super featherweight title in 2017, the WBA (Super) super featherweight title twice between 2018 and 2021, and the WBA (Regular) super lightweight title in 2021.

Davis is ranked tenth best active boxer in the world, pound for pound, by the Boxing Writers Association of America as of May 2022. He’s also listed third by ESPN, third by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board, and fifth by The Ring magazine as the finest active lightweight in the world. Davis, who is known for his extraordinary striking power, has a 93 percent knockout-to-win record.

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In a Deleted Tweet, Gervonta Davis Criticizes Floyd Mayweather, Saying the Boxer Is Envious of Him

gervonta davis and floyd mayweather relationship

The deterioration of Gervonta Davis’s relationship with Floyd Mayweather took another step forward on Friday when Davis accused Mayweather of seeking to detract attention from his forthcoming fight with Rolando Romero. “[Mayweather] had a press conference and a fight on the same day…you can still be envious of a [motherf—ker] no matter how much money you have!” In a now-deleted tweet, Davis claimed.

On Thursday, Mayweather announced an exhibition against Don Moore, the same day Davis and Romero held their news conference. The Mayweather-Moore fight is scheduled for May 14 in Dubai, two weeks before Davis vs. Romero. Davis has been a member of Mayweather Promotions for his whole professional career, but his fight with Romero will be his last. In recent weeks, the two have had a verbal spat, with Davis making it apparent that he has been dissatisfied with his Mayweather contract for quite some time.

Due in part to Moore’s lack of name recognition, Mayweather’s announcement of an exhibition went unnoticed by the general public. It’s unlikely that the Moore-Mayweather battle will detract from a two-week-later bout between two undefeated fighters.

What Is Gervonta Davis’s Relationship with Floyd Mayweather?

gervonta davis and floyd mayweather relationship

Gervonta Davis is one of the most well-known boxing figures today. In three different weight classes, the American has won world titles. BoxRec and ESPN rank Davis as the world’s fourth-best active super lightweight. Davis debuted in professional boxing in 2013 and won six fights in a row that year. The youthful boxer continued to rise to new heights, eventually signing with Mayweather Promotions in 2015.

Davis’ performance has improved dramatically after being signed by the promotion, and he has broadened his skillset overall. This is when he began working with Floyd Mayweather, the famed boxer. Davis has made the most of his opportunity under Mayweather via perseverance and simple hard work.

Is Floyd Mayweather Connected to Gervonta Davis?

The fighter’s switch to Mayweather Promotions turned out to be a good decision. As a result of his professional appearances chosen by the promotion, he earns millions. Aside from that, for many fighters, being able to train with and under Floyd Mayweather is a dream come true.

gervonta davis and floyd mayweather relationship

Mayweather never misses an opportunity to praise Davis and always speaks highly of his ability and boxing art inside the ring. Leonard Ellerbe, the CEO of Mayweather Promotions, also provided Davis with the much-needed aide. Ellerbe is in charge of the majority of Davis’ career-related business goals and decisions. Davis is currently one of the organization’s major stars in 2021.

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Davis had always shown Mayweather his admiration and affection. To say that the ‘Tank’ idolizes Mayweather is an understatement. He has set his aims to reach similar success to Mayweather in the future. Davis and Mayweather have a fantastic friendship and have never been shy about praising each other.

Davis said he will always be grateful to Mayweather and the promotion for assisting him when he was young and in the early stages of his career. David didn’t know Mayweather when he first started in the promotion and was always timid about anything. That’s when Mayweather stepped in and helped him relax. Davis describes his relationship with Floyd as a wonderful father-son bond that is growing deeper by the day.

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