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Get a Load of This Guy [What is The Meaning of This Viral Meme?]

It’s common to use the expression “Get a load of this guy” after making a joke or making fun of someone who’s trying to be droll.

Online, the phrase is often accompanied by a reaction image depicting a person pointing while they are discussing something.


What’s the origin of Get a Load of This Guy?

Since the 1920s, “Get a load of this guy” has been used as a slang phrase, but its popularity really took off around the turn of the century.

“Get a load of this guy” is a phrase that has been popularly associated with an image macro from the 1992 film Wayne’s World, in which the protagonist looks at the camera while saying the phrase.

Urban Dictionary first defined the term in 2007.

How did Get a Load of This Guy spread?

On 4chan and Reddit, the meme would be paired with pop culture icons, such as characters from classic movies or television shows.

As of March 31st, 2021, “Get a load of this guy” is a popular Tumblr hashtag.

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