Get to know your audience better with Market Segmentation

Knowing your audience well is the key to any good marketing strategy. That is, if we do not say that it is the key to success itself, regardless of what your industry is.

And among the various ways we can find and get to know these customers, one of the best is Market Segmentation. This is for the reason that it is simple, easy to do and can be tailored to the specific needs of your company.

So learning how segmentation works is the key to finding the your ideal audience and also know how to deal with it.

We know all about this and we want to help you get to know your customers. So, come learn what market segmentation is and its main types to put them to use right now!

What is segmentation?

We can understand segmentation as a process of dividing large groups into smaller portions according to a previously chosen curatorship.

This is the correct way and the hardest to define the segmentation. So, changing the words, we can simply say that it is the division of your audience into groups according to some similarity.

There are several possibilities to segment a group, with 7 being the most common of be used in digital marketing. Here we will deal specifically with its 3 main ones, but in case you want to go deeper into the subject, we leave as a suggestion a complete text on the subject that can be accessed here!

So that there is no confusion, we should point out that segmentation and target audience are different things.

While the first divides a large group into smaller portions, the target audience accurately locates its customers within this subgroup. Next, you can also find your people in it.

In other words, the large order of these types of groupings are: segments > target audience > persona.

Just to make it very clear, let’s go with an example.

Imagine you are in front of a general audience of 50 people. As a women’s clothing store, you will segment these people according to their gender, finding a subgroup.

With the number of individuals reduced to 100, you pass to search for those that fit your brand’s profile, finding the 20 people who train your target audience. Based on the characteristics they carry, you are able to build a persona that reflects your company.

The 3 main types of market segmentation

And now that we know well how the segments work and how they imply in the marketing world, it’s time to know your top 3!


  • Demographic segmentation is the most common to be done by companies. This is for the simple reason that it groups individuals according to common practical characteristics.

    That is, the division, in this case, is made according to aspects such as age, gender, profession, education, marital status or any other information that builds an external characteristic of that audience.

    Example of segmentation of this type would be consumers among 20 and 100 years, married and working in the field of law.


  • The segmentation psychological, on the other hand, will deal with internal aspects of individuals, taking into account points such as their way of thinking, interests, values, life goals and lifestyle.

    This type of division is a little more difficult to be done because it deals with qualitative aspects of customers’ lives. However, it is essential for companies that sell lifestyles.

    It’s no use finding an age group that matches your company if you don’t select customers who agree with your ideas of that amount.

    Thus, an example of psychological targeting are vegan customers and animal rights activists.


    Finally, behavioral segmentation will deal with another qualitative and subjective aspect of customers, their way of buying.

    As complicated as it may seem, this is a rather simple division to make, as the guidelines that will guide it correspond to the customer’s purchase journey. So, this is a division that goes hand in hand with this other strategy.

    A simple example of behavioral segmentation is customers who have already purchased at least once with your company.

  • Conclusion

  • By using market segmentation to select your audience, you will be able to choose more marketing strategies targeted and accurate. In order not to waste time, money and effort with people who are not even within your consumer niche.

    Use this strategy to develop your company and you will find that finding your customers will become a simple task!

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