Gfuel Controversy- Gfuel Has Been Chastised for Allegedly Dismissing Employees without Cause!

gfuel controversy

Gamma Labs, situated in West Babylon, New York, sells G Fuel Energy Formula, a caffeinated drink combination. It’s touted as a gaming supplement that supposedly improves focus and reaction time. Because the product is sugar-free, Gamma Labs says that it does not create the sugar crash that other canned energy drinks do.

G Fuel was first marketed as a caffeinated powder that could be dissolved in water. It has now added a non-caffeinated powder, a carbonated version in a can, a powdered hydration formula, and a pop rock-like version in a tube to its line of products.

Sudden Firings and The Alleged Usage of “Derogatory Terms” by Executives of G Fuel Have Sparked Controversy

G Fuel, the caffeinated drink mix whose tubs have graced the settings of a litany of popular YouTube and Twitch personalities over the years, from PewDiePie to Ninja and xQc, is facing a social media backlash.

A succession of recent firings, which saw seven partner/talent managers let go, and alleged “derogatory” statements made by company management to said employees are the factors fueling a wave of bad reaction against G Fuel from both streamers and their viewers.

gfuel controversy

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As a result of these allegations, numerous broadcasters and other content artists have openly reconsidered their collaborations with G Fuel or requested that their arrangements be canceled.

Gfuel Has Been Chastised for Allegedly Dismissing Employees without Cause

GFUEL has been chastised for reportedly firing employees who reported a higher-up. According to sources, during a team-wide meeting on June 16, 2022, the CEO allegedly made a nasty remark about the members, referring to them as “lazy motherf**kers.”

The seven GFUEL employees were fired effective immediately less than 24 hours after reporting the executive’s unprofessional and disparaging remarks to the Human Resources department. They were told it was part of the company’s “restructuring” plans. According to reports, the firm is also prohibiting affiliated producers from demanding clarification or additional details about the drama.

On Twitter, Twitch streamer Vilonious tweeted, “So GFUEL just banned me from their Twitch chat because I questioned what we partners are meant to do now that they dismissed our partner managers without warning.” The Twitch streamer shared the message that prompted the ban in a separate Tweet (see image below).

The issue has gone viral on social media, and numerous GFUEL partners have reportedly ended their relationships with the company. Others, on the other hand, have asked the firm to formally respond to the allegations.

gfuel controversy

“I strongly urge GFUEL to address these concerns and guarantee that their workplace culture is acceptable and fair for all of their employees and partners,” said partner ADrive.
Many additional Twitter users have expressed their concerns and disgust in reaction to the charges, citing parallels with the current Artesian Builds incident.

“GFUEL is on the verge of achieving Artesian Builds status. After losing FaZe to Ghost, he now has to deal with this. I believe we are witnessing the beginning of GFUEL’s demise “In response to the escalating crisis, a Twitter user wrote

GFUEL has not published any formal announcements as of this writing. However, we will make every effort to keep you informed about this developing subject.

Streamers Are Enraged Over the G Fuel Controversy

Jake Lucky, an esports personality, presented a description of the incident on Twitter, first emphasizing various comments from the employees who had been let go, adding that their dismissals had occurred “without warning” and had been justified as a result of the company’s “restructuring.”

Lucky also claimed that the firings occurred after “a higher up in the organization” allegedly used a “derogatory word” in a team-wide call and referred to employees as “lazy mother fuckers,” which he later stated prompted certain employees to file HR complaints about the incident.

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G Fuel CEO Cliff Morgan was apparently the executive responsible for making these comments to employees, according to a tweet from Pokemon streamer Pokeaim, real name Joey Sciarrone, who responded to Morgan tweeting about a company Twitch stream by saying, “Idgaf if you revoke my partnership, treat people like human beings you asshole.”

The said Twitch show, which focused on a G Fuel variety based on the Sonic character Knuckles, appears to have exacerbated the unfavorable mood toward G Fuel, with users who inquired about the ongoing dispute in its chat allegedly being blocked from posting.

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