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What Is This “Scream Tiktok Cult”? An Explanation of Ghostface Killah’s PFP Smoking

What Is This "scream Tiktok Cult"? an Explanation of Ghostface Killah's Pfp Smoking

TikTok has become the latest platform for Ghostface’s cult followers.

According to the newest information, a horror film called “Scream” is scheduled for release in January 2022, and the debut of the Ghostface cult on TikTok served as a fresh promotional video for the film.

Because of the Ghostface cult, many users are creating Tiktok accounts that feature a ghostly face, which has left the world baffled. As a rule, when used in the context of online communities, the term “cult” connotes something negative. These tightly knit communities of Tiktok users have earned the label “cult” for their devotion to the platform’s content and ideology.

Recently, the “Blue Profile Picture Cult” of “Step Chicken” went viral, and now the “Ghostface Cult” is taking across Tiktok with even more trending videos.

Ghostface Believers

While many TikTok users may be curious about the meaning of the username “Ghostface Cult,” the account’s existence is actually just a clever promotional ploy for a new horror anthology series called “scream,” set to premiere in January of 2022. This fad went viral during Halloween, and from there many individuals started sharing the films and photographs depicting the series.

To gain more of a following on TikTok, some well-known creators sported costumes befitting ghosts and ghouls.

When compared to other social media platforms that have adopted the word “cult” as their brand ambassador, Tiktok stands out as the most unusual trend because it is the home of so many creators.

Those on TikTok with the fewest followers are turning to the Ghostface cult in an effort to boost their popularity. A lot of people have realized that this fad is ideal for the Halloween party.

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How Can We Join Scream Cult Trend?

Users of Tiktok will be ahead of the curve during the most recent cult trends; to participate, we need only replicate the viral process of making and posting a short video. More and more people are adopting the Ghostface persona and using it as their profile image in an effort to fit in with the Ghostface cult.

After making the necessary changes to one’s profile, cult members are encouraged to post videos including the hashtags #ghostface, #ghostfacetrend, and #ghostfacecult. The video’s virality can be increased by the use of hashtags.

Users are enthusiastic about this new obstacle and are eager to give it a shot in their own special ways.

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