Givemereddit.Stream Traffic Analytics & Market Share

With so much happening online, it can be hard to know what is truly driving traffic to your website or blog. Fortunately, givemereddit. stream offers users the ability to track their traffic analytics in order to gain a better understanding of where their readers are coming from and what content is most likely to engage them. By understanding this information, you can optimize your site for better performance and reach a wider audience.

Give Me Reddit Traffic Analytics Traffic Analytics & Market Share | Similarweb

Recently, we’ve been working on a feature that will let you see how much traffic reddit is getting from specific subreddits. We wanted to give you an idea of how popular different subreddits are and what their traffic share is.

Overall, the top three most visited subreddits on reddit are r/funny, r/pics, and r/gaming. Together they account for over 50% of all Reddit traffic!

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Market Share of Give Me Reddit

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Given that is a relatively new subreddit, it is not surprising that its traffic statistics are not well-known. However, we were able to determine that the site’s monthly active users (MAU) totaled just over 200,000 in September 2018 according to Compete. Given that Reddit has a population of nearly 330 million as of September 2018, this gives a 0.7% market share according to SimilarWeb. This figure could be somewhat inflated given that SimilarWeb only analyses sites with at least 10 Million monthly visits.

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It is also interesting to note that GiveMeReddit is not the only subreddit focused on streaming content. r/gifsStreaming has more than 2x the MAU (632,000 vs 200,000) and accounts for 3% of all Reddit visits according to SimilarWeb. Furthermore, r/videosStreaming – which has a smaller user base (~240,000 as of September 2018) but more total monthly visits – ranks fourth among all Reddit categories with a 1% market share.

Despite having smaller user bases and smaller referral networks than some of its counterparts, it seems GiveMeReddit is gaining traction among Redditors looking for streaming content solutions. With its broad focus on streaming videos and GIFs regardless of format or quality – as well as its inclusion of popular subreddits like r/gifs