Glenn Wheatley Net Worth: The Greatest Partnership in Australian Music Industry

We have tears in our eyes while writing this. It came as a shock that Glenn Wheatly has left the world. The Australian music promoter, talent manager, entertainment industry executive, and former musician, who stole everyone’s heart in the 1960s has died of severe COVID-related complications.

Net Worth

At the time of his death, Glenn Wheatly was at a position where he could be considered richie rich! His net worth, as of July 2023, has been estimated to be around $2 million.

Glenn Wheatly

Wheatly’s career took off with his powerful music performances in Brisbane in the mid 1960s when literally every soul was grooving to the beats of his music. Turning the booster on, he rose to national prominence in the late 1960s as a member of the great hard rock band The Master’s Apprentices.

The Most Successful Partnership in Australian Music

Apart from this, he spread his roots to the world outside music and worked with the famous Australian artist John Farnham, managing his schedule for an extended period. His efforts were recognized well and he made a soft spot for himself in the hearts of the fans with the hard work he put into Farnham’s Whispering Jack record in the 1980s. He dedicated himself to the work, so much so, that he even put up his house for sale, all for catapulting John Farnham to prominence as a singer.

The partnership rose to distinguished heights with sheer dedication and of course, ‘blood, sweat, and tears’. The 1980 album is still a hit in 2023! It is one of the highest selling Australian albums of all time. This sure makes up a big part of Wheatly’s earnings.

Glenn partnership

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Family and Fortune

Glenn Wheatly was married to the nation’s sweetheart, Gaynor Martin who made people go gaga over her for her roles in films including Holiday Island (1981), and Sons and Daughters (1982). The couple have three kids together- Tim Wheatly, Samantha Wheatly, and Kara Wheatly. It is suggested that his wife’s work might have also worked as a contributor in Wheatly’s net worth.

Glenn tax evasionControversies

Glenn Wheatly has not been able to live a clean life like most of the famous personalities. His career and personal life has been marred with rumours and controversies. 2007 came in like a ‘wreaking ball~’ for him and his fandom. In July 2007, Glenn Wheatly pled guilty for tax evasion. He was arrested on charges of funnelling more than a whopping amount of $650,000.

As per the judgement on 19th July, 2007, he was sentenced for a whole of 30 months. The County Court announced that he was supposed to serve a minimum of 15 months.

Even after hitting rock bottom with the judgement, Glenn Wheatly rose again and learnt from his mistakes. He was able to stand with a net worth of $2 million at the time he left the world.