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Goodbye OxygenOS! OnePlus and OPPO will debut unified system in OnePlus 10


OnePlus announced this Monday that a new Android interface will be created in collaboration with OPPO. The new software replaces both OxygenOS and ColorOS, therefore running on smartphones of both brands from 675.

The announcement was made by Pete Lau, who also revealed OnePlus’ intentions for the future with this approach to OPPO and also that the next generation of high-end smartphones OnePlus13 will be the first to reach the market with the new system.

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Despite not revealing the name of the new unified interface yet, Pete Lau revealed that the transition project is called OnePlus 2.0 and what are the objectives of this approach to OPPO.

Agreed with the CEO (and now also in executive roles at OPPO), the new interface, while retaining the same base, will be customized for OnePlus devices in some areas to meet fan preferences. Gary Chen, responsible for the development of OxygenOS, will also be the “head” of the new software development project.

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This Monday’s announcement follows the OnePlus announcement in July, where it was revealed that both brands would begin to collaborate on development smartphones, with Pete Lau’s company taking advantage of OPPO’s resources, which also extends to software. In China, the new smartphones already come with ColorOS, and in Western markets the OnePlus Nord 2 also receives the OPPO interface code, although keeping the OxygenOS.

The purpose of the brands becomes be common: to offer a smooth and fast experience, like the OnePlus, while maintaining the philosophy of security, reliability and richness of features, inherent to OPPO’s ColorOS. The executive also revealed that both companies will focus on developing their cameras to outperform the competition and will collaborate in the development of smartphones, as well as in distribution strategies across international markets.

As for releases, as mentioned above, Pete Lau announced that the debut of the new software will take place in 2022 with the new flagships from OnePlus , and some models already on the market will also receive the update for the new interface, although which ones have not been revealed.

Is this a good strategy for OnePlus? It is undeniable that OPPO, as a manufacturer, guarantees conditions in terms of infrastructure to raise the level of the company originally founded by Carl Pei and Pete Lau, opening the door to a worldwide projection that has been happening at a somewhat slow pace. However, it will be interesting how much this change could affect OnePlus’ image among the most loyal fans, who have been the basis for the successes for the past eight years.

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Source: Pete Lau

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