Google blocks one hundred million phishing a day

Google blocks over 70 millions of phishing attempts daily. Gmail’s security schemes are able to detect and eliminate many of cybercriminals’ attempts to seize Internet users’ personal data.

After a year of technological acceleration driven by a pandemic and special security threats, digital literacy gained special relevance.

Every day, Google automatically blocks over 70 millions of phishing attempts; Google Photos encrypts 4 billion photos and Google Play Protect runs security scans on 70 billions of photos installed applications. It also checks 1200 millions of passwords daily and automatically protects more than 4 billion devices through its secure browsing technology.

A critical part of making the internet safer goes through precisely teach safer digital habits.

Google works directly with experts and educators “to help people set boundaries and use technology in ways that best suit them and their families.” That is the purpose of this initiative and the purpose at the heart of our partnership with GOOGLE.

There’s no reason why this job shouldn’t be fun.

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