Google Maps gets fantastic functionality in Portugal!

Google Maps remains the most popular navigation application ever, used by millions of users every day. In addition to providing information on the best routes between “point A” and “point B”, the application also has many other additional information about commercial establishments and places of interest.

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Now, after many years to offering support for routes by car, public transport and on foot, Google Maps in Portugal now also supports routes by bicycle.

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The rollout of the new functionality in Portugal started yesterday, and will continue. over the next few days until it becomes available to all users. As would be expected in a feature of this nature, Google Maps will be able to inform the user about the presence of bicycle paths in each zone, city or region.

Google Maps had an important partnership with the website and the City Council of Lisbon

For this launch, Google worked with the website and the City Council Lisbon, which made available the most recent map of cycling networks in the country, so that you can travel safely, avoid crowding, have a more sustainable alternative when traveling, play sports or simply to walk and have fun.

Google Maps will start to help all those who use a bicycle in their daily lives.

Through a publication on its official blog, Google also said that they will shape the way information is handled according to the use of the new functionality. To provide the most up-to-date route, Google Maps uses machine learning, complex algorithms and also the understanding of the real world through image analysis and information from public entities.

To fill any gaps that might emerge, city traffic departments can use the Geo Data Upload Tool to provide information and ensure that even new or recent bike lanes appear on Google Maps.

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